Thursday, June 13, 2013

Girls Camp Part 3 - Decorations and such.

The theme for our Girls Camp this year was:
One Step Closer.
The whole week centered around taking 'one step closer' to our Savior Jesus Christ.

Left: the backdrop that our stake ladies made for all of our evening and morning devotionals.
Right:  our stake camp sweatshrits.

The color and value that our ward was assigned was:
Purple and Integrity.

My favorite color!

Here's a little peek at how we spruced up OUR spot in the forrest.
{Sorry for the poor lighting in most of these pics.}

A chore chart is ABSOLUTELY mandatory at Girls Camp.
Everyone must pull their weight.
{Some?  Do it better than others.}

My cute secty made up the chart which I thought was darling. 
We hung it on a tree.

My cute Beehive advisor and I whipped up some purple gingham bunting beforehand to hang all around our main awning. 
 I also made up another banner with our ward's name on it 
{see last year's HERE} to hang up as well.

A long time back, a past Young Womens president in our ward purchased these cute white lanterns from Ikea.  We made two rows with shepherd hooks and hung these lanterns on them {with battery operated lights} and lit up a little pathway to our tents each night.

My camp director printed off a whole bunch of different printables from online and then we staple gunned them onto stakes {stakes were spray painted purple of course!} and then hammered them into the ground, all around our campsite.

My other camp director was a preschool teacher and had this cute mailbox on hand.
{Our stake does a really cute mail system with the girls at camp each year}.

But this is how we hung them to out to dry.
We had three bins:
One to soap em up.  One to bleach em. And one to rinse it all off.

LOVED this idea though from another ward...

They had each girl wash their OWN dishes and then they each their OWN mesh bag with their name tags on em, and they hung em out to dry until the next meal.

A couple other ideas I LOVED around our stake campsite?

Isn't the entrance of this tent ADORABLE?
Made from colored plastic tablecloths.

And I LOOOVED this idea for storing snacks, from another ward .

So nice and neat compared to having open treat bags and snack boxes all over the place.

Hoping to remember these for next year....If... I'm still in.


  1. LOVE your decorations and all of your camp info!! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us! Please tell more about the "Mail" system your stake has. I am stake YW Pres and we have camp in a few weeks. I would love to implement this at our camp. Thanks again for sharing your talents with us. You are amazing!

    1. Kim - it's super cool. They assign 2 ladies from the stake to be over it. Basically they set up a station with all sorts of scrapbook paper and pens and markers. Then they have a tupperware container for each ward in the stake...including a container for our Youth Leaders and Stake Leaders. Girls can stop by the mail station all throughout the day and write notes to whomever they'd like, they place it in the appropriate container, and then twice a day the 'mail ladies' come by each ward campsite to deliver mail. The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! And it's fun for us leaders too to get to write our girls sweet little notes.

  2. Wow you have the best camp decorations and ideas I have seen yet! Love everything about it. I hope my YW presidency will be up for using your wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank so much Lydia! I really appreciate your sweet comment! xoxo


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