Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Personalized Monogram Wreaths.

I don't know about you but...
sometimes I find the CUTEST stuff on Pinterest and guess what?

I have NO desire to make it.
No matter HOW clear their tutorials are....
I just want a button to push so I can purchase what I'm seeing and not have to worry about collecting all of the materials to make it.

{Sometimes I'm just plain lazy like that.}

Which is why I'm starting up a small {very small!} little side biz.

I thought...if there are OTHER people out there like me...
why not offer some of the things that I ENJOY doing...for sale!

To save YOU the effort.

Here's what I'm up to my eyeballs with now...

Personalized Monogram Wreaths

I may or may not have a huge ob-sesh with wreaths.
And that same ob-sesh goes CRAZY when it's a PERSONALIZED wreath.

I made one of these for my friends for her birthday last week 
{last initial in the middle with her house address} 
and I've seriously become obsessed with the possibilites.

So here's the deal....
I am making and selling them for $40.
If you don't live in my neck of the woods...I ship within the U.S. for $15 via Priority Mail.

The colors are completely customizable!
YOU tell ME what you'd like.
{Or...if you're not sure...I can come up with something!}

For more information or to place an order please contact me thru the email address listed on my CONTACT page.

I accept paypal.
And {soon-ish?} I'll be opening up an etsy shop.
{Perhaps when my kids go back to school.} 

This one I made for the 4th of July.
Could be hung all summer long!



  1. Oh my gosh these are cute, I would buy one, but I already have the darling one you made. I feel so lucky! :) Love it.

  2. Marci, so here's the deal I don't like these things, but they make a house homey-er and I should take on for the team. Meaning, it will make my kids happy so I want to buy one. And I will be one of your frequent shopper to make my house look like someone lives here. You are the best Martha Stewart! I'll email you. -Laura K.

  3. I just saw to ribbon the other day and told my mom I HAVE TO make something with it! This is that thing! Except...haven't bought our house maybe I'll just leave it blank until the day of closing! Don't want to jinx anything! ;)

  4. How do you attach the letters without the twine or wire showing from the front? A dab of hot glue, e6000?

    1. Yes I just used my good ole hot glue gun :) With SOME letters though, the twine does show...just depends!


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