Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

2 Things that Drive me Bonkers about Ikea:
1. The fact that they when you eat in their 'restaurant', they give you like 15 meatballs and just a squirt of mashed potatoes.  Seriously.  The meatball to potatoes ratio is WAY off.

2.  Their shopping carts don't drive straight.
They ALWAYS veer to the side.
Every. Single. Time.

{Other things that annoy me about Ikea? The smell of furniture mixed with food.  The fact that I can't understand ANY of their signs because they're all in Swedish.  And....they always seem to leave out a nail, screw, or piece of hardware from the box, when you purchase something.

*Side note: Joe would rather lick his own dirty foot than shop with me at Ikea.

2 People I Wanna Be Friends with in Real Life.
{As opposed to just in my imaginary mind}.

1. Adam Shankman

Gosh I love him.
He's become my very favorite guest judge on SYTYCD.
Plus, I follow him on Instagram.
And he's absolutely hilare!!!

2. Anderson Cooper

I've always been a fan.
He's charming and witty.
And has a super funny sense of humor.
{Plus...I love the way he reports the news}.

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