Friday, July 5, 2013

4th Fun.

Gosh, I love these kidlets!

I've stated many times before...
Celebrating the 4th of July in Phoenix is NOT our PREFERRED place to be.

{I really DO love living in AZ.  9 months out of the year we have the BEST. WEATHER. EVER!}

It just so happens though that the 4th of July falls in one of those months... thats just nasty hot.

But...So be it.  

We STILL managed to have a FUN holiday celebrating with family and friends!

Here's how our DAY o' FREEDOM went down:

Breakfast at Kneaders with Grandma Mariliyn and Grandpa Scott.
Oh. My. Yuminess.
I tried their french toast for the very first time ever and I might've just died and gone to heaven.
{Not to mention...I could DRINK their SYRUP with a straw!}

The kids went swimming at a friend's house and had a BLAST!

Rock Slides = Non Stop FUN!

I, myself, managed to sneek in a little nap-a-roo and then we headed over to
 Grandma and Grandpa Lamoreaux' house for a BBQ and swim!

Swimming over at Grandma and Grandpa's is one of our very favorite things to do in the summertime!

Not to dad just so happens to grill up the best burgers in town.

Burgers, brats, chips, dip, jello, pies and.....

I'll be sharing this recipe tomorrow.
It's a must for barbeques!
{My grandma used to make it when I was little and it's a FAMILY FAVORITE!}

 The evening was capped off with sparklers in the back yard...

..and watching fireworks on the TV.
{Thank you NBC for making fireworks possible for us!}

Not such a shabby day afterall!

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