Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ordinance Lesson Handout.

This new month brings us a new topic to teach about at church.
Ordinances and Covenants.

Today I was able to teach my cute Young Women the lesson on:

I really struggled coming up with a handout for this lesson.
Ordinances are very sacred and I didn't want to 'make light' of them in any way.

Which is why I decided to tie this lessson handot into our theme for the year of

Enter Target $ bins.

A HUGE shout out to one of my faithful blog readers who notified me through facebook that the $ bins at Target right now are 75% off!  You better believe I hightailed it to the nearest Target when I read that message and took myself a gander!

These high heeled boots are actually manicure kits on the inside and went PERFECTLY with the message I was trying to convey.

They were regularly $3 but on sale for 90 cents.

{Does it bother anyone else that they now sell $3 items in the $ bins at Target?  Doesn't this defeat the point of the name..... $ spot?!?}

Anyhoozle...if you'd like a copy of my FREE printable for your lesson click HERE.

Side note: Pay no attention the fact that these handouts, which are cut out in ovals..are not perfectly cut out.  Although it is driving me crazy. I did not have access to my craft punches this weekend.  And I might've had an ocd episode over the crooked cutting. But whatever.


  1. Hi Marci! Our Young Women are doing a back to school breakfast this week. We really liked how you did yours last year. Would you mind sending your quiz that you used for that? Thanks for sharing all your neat ideas with us:))

  2. SUPER CUTE handout.

    Thank you so much Marci for always sharing your talents on here.

    1. Thank you LeeC I am SO glad you enjoy them. Thank you for your kind comments! xoxo

  3. Why can't I have your creative brain?? I sat there staring at these trying to come up with a way to use them, all the while thinking "I'm sure marci could come up with a cute saying!"

    1. You are too funny Ashley! THANK YOU for your sweet words! xoxo

  4. Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas!! You are so creative!! I too would love a copy of your Back to School quiz if you get a second. My email address is Thanks so much!!