Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Wednesday.

* Why OH Why does Bed Bath & Beyond find the need to stack their merchandise clear to the ceiling?
Do they REALLY think that in one day's time, theyr'e going to sell 75 foot massagers?
Don't they have a back room where they can store their surplus?

* American Idol and Survivor need to retire.
In my college broadcasting days, I studied all about TV shows Jumping the Shark.
These 2 shows have definitely done that, and then some.

* Speaking of shows, have you seen Crown Chasers on TLC?
Oh. My. Gosh.
Those beauty queen wannabes are somethin else.
It's like a train wreck, Joe and I could not turn ourselves away from the other night.

* I saw a pin on Pinterest the other day boasting a
'No Crust Strawbery Pie' recipe.
What THE?!?
No Crust?  That's usually the VERY BEST part!
Way to kill a good thing recipe maker.

* Do anyone else's kids say 'What???' ...when YOU KNOW they heard you the first time?
{It may or may not be getting on my last nerve}.

* The Costco variety chip bags...

Can someone PLEASE inform the makers of these boxes that NO ONE and I mean
  NO ONE eats the Fritos!! 
What a waste of chips.  It never fails.  We go through an entire box and there are ALWAYS the same exact amount of Fritos left as when we first bought the box. 

* Our family watches AFV {almost} every Sunday night.
Does it bother anyone else that the WINNERS of the show...
NEVER act THAT excited?
They win $10,000...sometimes MORE!!!..and when the camera pans to their faces.. they look like they just heard a bad joke. Expressionless, really.
Get me on there and I'd be doing CARTWHEELS for cryin out loud!

* McDonalds breakfast? So good.
McDonalds everything else? So nasty.
Why is that??

*Miley Cyrus is officially gross.
Why do Disney stars find the need to TRY to 're-invent' themselves after their run on the cable network?
It never turns out pretty.

Google Images
Her Hannah Montanna days looked MUCH better on.


  1. Send the Fritos home with Dylan....WE eat them! ;)Becky

    1. And Y-E-S Miley is gross now. :( I think I use to watch her on Disney more than the boys did!

  2. We will trade you. No one in our house eats the Lays Potato chips. Chili and fritos. Also have tried paula dean's cornbread frito salad, or the catalina dressing frito salad.

  3. That's what I would say. Who eats plain old Lays?

    And, my husband's family makes a no-crust pumpkin pie. They're not crust eaters. When they say "Who wants pumpkin pie?" I say, "You mean pumpkin pudding?"

  4. My boys ( all 5) eat Frits with chili,cheese and sour cream

  5. Can't stand American Idol anymore, still love Survivor. Don't know why, but I just have to watch it!
    My husband took a box of those chips to a youth activity, and returned home with, yes, all the Fritos. Guess I'm making frito-chili pie. :)

    1. My kids won't even eat the frito-chili pie! Go figure ;)

  6. Here's a yummy treat you can make with the leftover fritos. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was....salty and sweet.

    1. Wow...that definitely looks interesting enough to try! Thanks for the tip. I"m not even going to tell my kids that fritos are in it and see if they notice. ;) xoxo


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