Thursday, July 11, 2013

Staycation '13.

The fam and I just got back from a very heavenly Staycation at the

Reasons we LOVE taking an occasional

* Gas is cheap when you're driving just 20 miles away.

* You don't have to pack much.
As long as you've got your're good to go.

* You get to hear your kids say things like....

".....this is THE LIFE!"
while floating aimlessly around the lazy river over and over and over again.

 * You get to eat at fun restaruants where calories don't exist.
{ was MY staycation...I can dream what I want to!}

* You get to eat buckets of cotton candy for dessert.

* And you get to stay up late, make a mess and eat junk food like it's nobody's business.

until next time AZ Grand.


Before we left...I whipped up some new wreath orders...

I think this blue/white color combo may be my new fave.

For more info on these click HERE.
{I think I may have a major ob-sesh with making these!}

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  1. Great photos! Staycations are a wonderful inventions for families, especially those with little ones. No need for long trips in the car to get to the fun stuff!