Monday, July 15, 2013

The Boys' Sports Themed Bedroom.

The boys' room RE-DO is officially dun-zo!
I added the finishing the touches just today.

I really wish I had a BEFORE pic.
But I don't.
So you'll just have to settle for all of the AFTER pics.

I purchased the big 3D letters from JoAnns and spray painted them Fire Engine Red.
I scored the frames around them from Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

All of the other sports decor is from Hobby Lobby as well.
{You seriously can't beat their 50% off sales.}

I love sentimental pictures. 
Which is why the boys have at least two in their room.

L: My Dad when he was a baby with my Grandma Lamoreaux
R: Joe when he was 8 years old and baptized.

It's cute, right?
And comfy lookin, right?
And decorated just right for 2 boys who love sports, right?

Well then.....
Why did I find my 2 boys on the floor of my bedroom this morning sleeping like this...

Sure hope Grant didn't let one rip right into Carson's face!



  1. I absolutely love this room and the boys sleeping choices!!!! Typical male behavior! :)

  2. ooh I love this marci!! you did a great job!!!!!!!!
    such a man thing, you spend all that time and energy and then they do that LOL!!

  3. So cute!! I found your "Back to School" dinner on pinterest and now I'm all over your blog party ideas! Please tell me where you got the boys' bedding???

  4. I love this room! Found your blog as I was googling sports themed bedrooms. I will be going to Hobby Lobby this weekend! May I ask what size the letters are in the frames and what size the open frames are?

  5. Where did you find the bedding sets?