Sunday, July 14, 2013

This Weekend:

* We made a Costco run on Friday.
Why is their cheese pizza SO much better than their pepporoni?
{I always seem to realize this only AFTER I order pepp for me and cheese for the kids.}

* Friday afternoon I met my mom and sister at the mall.
We had an appointment with a specialist to be fitted for the right sized bra.
{Talk about some GREAT people watching!}  

While we tried on bras, Grant suckered my dad into taking him to the Disney Store.
Grant would kill me if he knew this pic was on my blog.
He was mortified to be amongst all those brazieres!
*Friday night was our Cousins sleep-over.

The sleepover included: tacos, Kiwi Loco, staying up WAY too late and....

lots of whoopie cushion action.
{Funny EVERY time!}

* Saturday morning I helped my sis set up her 6th grade classroom.
{Cannot wait to share pics of what we have in store for her bulletin boards!}

* Date night at a new restaurant.

Yummy Yum YUM!!!
It was a total hit.
{Local peeps: it's on Val Vista and Williamsfield.  Go there.  Soon!}

* Afterwards we saw...

It was.....silly. But cute.
But mostly silly. 
The first one was way better.

* Churchey-church and Meetings on Sunday.

* Pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner.
{Somewhat of a Sunday tra-dish now}.

* And we finished the weekend off by watching AFV as a family while snacking on Red Vines.
{Not my licorice of choice.  I'm more about the Twizzlers.}

Onto a very busy week now:
Preparing for - - a bridal shower, Meet the Teacher night and our family Back to School dinner.
Lots of fun in store, indeed!

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  1. I once watched oprah, who said that 85% of women wear the wrong bra size. I went last year to a 'posh' boutique, and was met my a girl who looked like she was 15!! anyways, I had been wearing a 38DD since I was like 18... anyways, when she looked and tried on she said I was a 34 F.. WHAT THE .....
    anyways I am still not sure, I agree with that, but I did love my new bra, even though 1 cost $150!!!!!!!!!!!