Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Turning Complaints into Blessings.

I can't seem to stop watching the news coverage on the Yarnell Fire that killed 19 firefighters this past week here in Arizona.  The stories of their surviving families are heartbreaking. I just can't even imagine the grief and pain that they are going through right now.

This event has caused me to reflect a lot upon my blessings.
Lots and lots of blessings.

Often... I find myself complaining about one thing or another.
Complaining about things that are so small in the grand scheme of things...
when in reality..those compalints should actually be considered blessings.

For example:

Complaint - My kids refuse to go to bed on time and then repeatedly sneek into Joe and I's bedroom in the middle of the night to sleep with us.

Blessing - My kids enjoy being around Joe and I.  So much so, that we make them feel safe at night time in an otherwise 'scary' world.

Complaint - My kids have SO MUCH energy this summer.  They wear me out!

Blessing - My kids have bodies that can run and walk, 
jump and climb, speak and communicate.
They have a ZEST for life and are able to set goals and accomplish them!
{Not to mention...their little bodies are cuter than cute!}

Complaint - It's so dang hot here this summer!

Blessing - The sun shines here EVERY SINGLE day! 
I've lived in places before where this does not occur.  
I get depressed when I don't see the sun shine on a regular basis.
The sunshine lifts my mood and awakens my soul.

Complaint - It's too hot to EVEN GO ANYWHERE outside this summer!

Blessing - We have a home with air conditioning that keeps us cool.
A home where we enjoy spending time and making memories.

Complaint - I hate cooking dinner when it's this hot!

Blessing - We have money to buy food and groceries to feed our family.

Complaint - My laundery pile NEVER ends
Like for reals...I could do laundry every day of the week and STILL have more to do.

Blessing - I have a body that ALLOWS me to do laundry, fold laundry, and then put it back in it's proper place.   We have clothes to wear and a modern day working washing machine that does ALL of the work FOR me!

Complaint - I'm too darn busy all the time.

Blessing - I have a life full of fabulous events...constantly taking place.
I get to see people and make friends that in other circumstances would not allow me to do so.
My calling at church, my children and their activities are ALL a blessing for our little family.
We are NEVER bored!
{Well..I'M not at!}

Complaint - We had to cancel our Prescott trip for the 4th of July because of this week's events.

Blessing - I have a family!!! To celebrate the 4th of July with!!!
And BOTH of Joe and I's families all live within 20 minutes of us!
And we can see them WHENEVER WE WANT!
I have a husband who works from home and can take the DAY OFF for the 4th of July!

And while we celebrate... I'll be wishing that we were in our 'usual' vacation spot this 4th of July...

Southern Utah - Duck Creek Village - Cedar City
.....I'll CHOOSE to recognize what a blessing it is...
to be together with my family! No matter WHERE we are!

  Happy and Healthy.
Celebrating our Freedom.

 As one of my very favorite church leaders said:

“Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more 

fully the sunlight.” 

- Gordon B. Hinckley

Blessed Inded!


  1. Great post Marci. Love this!

  2. Great reminder to focus on the positive! Thanks!!

  3. Your complaints sound just like mine! Thank you for reminding me that what we think are burdens truly are our blessings!

  4. This is amazing! Too often we take the easy way out and just complain when it really doesn't take long to think about the good side of things!


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