Sunday, August 4, 2013

Annual Young Womens Back to School Breakfast.

Yesterday we hosted our annual 
Young Womens BACK TO SCHOOL BREAKFAST at my home.  
It was SUCH a fun morning with SUCH a great purpose. 

Allow me to share with you the details:

I created these by using 12x12 scrapbook paper as their 'place mats'.
Napkins were purchased in the Target $ bins.
Chevron bags were puchased at Hobby Lobby - a pack of 20 for $2.
I added to those bags THESE printables - - which is also where the name tags were designed.
{I used a silver sharpie to write in all of the names.}

The focus of our morning was on TRUE BEAUTY...
Divine Nature and Individual Worth.

For centerpieces, I used 12x12 scrapbook paper that looked like a bulletin board, and then printed off Beauty Quotes from Pinterest and Google images.

Framed Printable from eighteen25.

For drinks we had Juicy Juicy Apple juice, water and Chocolate Milk
{Printable labels purchased HERE}.

 As for the food spread...
we served Egg, Potato and Bacon casserole, Cinnamon Roll casserole, 
blueberry muffins and fresh fruit.

It all tasted super yummy, thanks to my leaders who helped prepare it!

As for our short program....
I did A LOT of pondering as to what message my cute young women needed to hear.
As I prayed A LOT about thing kept coming to me...
"Remind the girls that they are BEAUTIFUL, DAUGHTERS of GOD and tell them to stop focusing on their imperfections."

I think it is inevitable that as women, we tend to never be happy with ourselves.
We want to lose weight, we want different colored eyes, we want straight hair, we wish we didn't have freckles...and so on and so forth.....

But enough is enough!

Our Young Women need to realize that those imperfections...are what 

And it's OK if they don't look like the girls on magazine covers.
IT'S OK!!!

God still loves do their leaders and family and that's ALL that is important.
Their faces SHINE and RADIATE with BEAUTY all day long!

I want them to BELIEVE that!

We started out by showing THIS youtube clip.
Gosh, I really love this one.
It is SO perfect.
I LOVE it's message.
{I tear up everytime I watch it.  EVERY TIME!}

"Our knowledge of our natural beauty..couldn't be more critical to our happiness".

One of my darling leaders then shared some personal experiences with the girls that were so perfect.
She talked about how when she was in highschool, she was teased because of her weight.  She wasn't happy.  She took drastic mesaures and did some things that caused her to become super skinny.  She STILL wasn't happy.  She needed to discover her INDIVIDUAL WORTH and DIVINE NATURE before she came close to being happy.  At ANY weight. I LOVE that she she shared this.

I think that as women we always think...oh...if I were 20 lbs lighter or....oh...if I had a different nose...etc.  we'd be SO much happier.

Not. True.

We then showed THIS video clip...
{Times 1,000 LOVES!}

After I shared a few thoughts of my own, I introduced a really neat 
7 day Inner Beauty Challenge to the girls...

This challenge was found through Pinterest.  As I went back to post the link...the author of that blog who produced this challenge has changed her blog settings to private and I am no longer able to pull it up! Grrrrr.  If anyone has access to it will you please contact me so I can post it here? I know it was based off of THIS 10 day challenge but it was condensed and geared more towards youth.
Basically it had the girls focus on ONE new thing each day of the week and then there was a journal prompt for them to write about at night.  It encouraged them to refrain from weighing themselves for the entire week and to also refrain from using the word 'fat'.

I am so blessed to get to interact with such lovely young ladies...

They are truly beautiful...
both on the inside AND out.


  1. You always do the cutest things! If I wasn't 9 months pregnant and about to pop I would probably have energy to do this for my girls this year!

  2. What a cute idea! I was wondering how many YW you have? When you have these activities do all of your YW attend or do you just invite the Laurels? I would love to do something like this, but I have about 30 total YW and I'm having a hard time being able to do something like this with such a large number and I don't want to leave anyone out. Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie! We have about 20 YW right now. I have 6 Laurels. 20 is about the max that I would do it for...30 is a lot!!! :)

  3. Thanks so much for always sharing what you do. You are truly and answer to prayers for me all the time with my yw calling. I would love to know how many girls you did this for. I would love to do it for all of them but not sure how we could I think I could do it for just my group of girls. Just wondering because it would be so good for all of them. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks so much are too sweet! We have a total of 20 YW and all but 2 came to the breakfast! xoxo

  4. Hi just want to see if you would be willing to share your file of your cute 7day challenge. I just saw your Idea and school starts next week and I would like to try and pull this off for my girls thanks Cathy

    1. I would! But I can't seem to find it anywhere...grrrr. The website that I got it off of now says that it's a private blog! As soon as I figure out a way to post it...I WILL! xoxo

    2. Do you have a extra you could scan and share?

    3. I would love an extra copy emailed or scanned in and sent to me too. Also, maybe if we had the original blog address we could email them for a copy? It's worth a shot....

    4. I would love a copy of your 7 day challenge. Thanks for always sharing your fantastic ideas.

    5. I too would LOVE a copy of this!!! CAn you share?
      Your ideas area fabulous and this is such a great idea!!!

    6. I'm also interested in the 7 day challenge if you can find it. Thanks for all you do!

    7. Thanks for sharing your talents Marci. We are having a spa night for our YW and I would love to incorporate the 7 day challenge if you are able to share it.

  5. Marci you did such a great job! Thank you so much for linking to us and shopping in our store. Hope you have a great week! ~Rebekah

  6. You are amazing! I wish you would have been my YW leader when I was younger! Anyway, I love this idea so we will be doing this as well. Do you happen to have the recipes you used for the 2 casseroles for the Back to School Breakfast? Also, I downloaded the labels from the etsy site. Super excited! I've never done anything like this before. I'm not very computer savy, so if you have any suggestions on using this material, let me know. Thanks! Amanda

    1. So glad you enjoyed it all Amanda! I LOVE hearing that others find my ideas useful!

      As far as printing out the printables that you ordered through etsy... Most of them you'll want to make sure you print onto cardstcok with the exception of the water bottle labels. If you can purchase some sticker paper {Avery 81/2x11 label paper} you should print the labels onto that and then you can just stick those right on the water bottles. Just saves you a bunch of time!

      As far as the recipes go... here is the link

      The cinnamon roll one says to bake in a 9x13 pan but I usually bake mine in like an 8 x 11 pan...or something in between that.

      Enjoy! Let me know if you have any other questions!!!

  7. I would also love your recipes.

    1. Here ya go Catherine!


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Thanks for responding! What did you do as far as invitations to the Back to School Breakfast go?

    1. You can see a pic of the invitations I handed out here:

      They were super simple! xoxo

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  11. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. You inspire me more than you know!

  12. Marci,
    Been working all week on this for our girls. We actually don't start til this Wednesday, so I'm having them over on Tuesday. I think it's so smart to only do 7 days.... But I've been struggling all week trying to decide which ones to eliminate. Just curious... Which ones did you do?

  13. Marci,

    Love, Love, Love, This Idea. I would love to do this. Will you Email Me a copy of the Challenge if you can. I want to do this in Sept. My email is Thanks so much you are amazing. I love all your ideas!!!

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  15. Marci,

    I too would love if you were able to email me a copy of the Challenge if you can. I also posted via pinterest the challenge from the original author, but when I went to use it she had made her site private. My girls would absolutely benefit from this challenge (as would any person). I would love to do this challenge in October. my address is

    Thanks again for sharing such a cute activity!!

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  17. I love love love this! Can you please send me your 7 Day Inner Beauty that you did? I looked at the 10 day one and am trying to tweak it but was hoping to look at yours.

  18. I was wonder where to find the eggs and bacon recipe. If you could post it on my comment or let me know where to find it that would be get. If you could let my know ASAP that would be helpful because I need it for tomorrow morning, thanks.

  19. Marci,

    I love love love your site! You are incredibly talented. I love the idea of doing the 7 Day Inner Beauty challenge. Would you be able to send me the ideas that you came up with? (chantaek2002@yahoo) That would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  20. You are so talented and have some amazing ideas. Thank you for sharing them! I would love the 7 day Inner Beauty Challenge that you talk about. If you would be willing to email it to me, I would appreciate it. Thanks again for sharing your amazing talents!

  21. This is a link from a Ward YW facebook page that posted what looks like the challenge above- is this what you used Marci?

    Thanks for posting such wonderful ideas!

  22. Do you happen to have a printable of the 7 day challenge you created?

  23. Marci
    Can you send me your 7 day challenge

  24. Do you have a printable for your 7 day challenge you created?
    I would appreciate if you can too


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