Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arrow of Light.

Most of the people who follow my blog, follow for my Young Womens ideas.
I'm switching it up today though with a CUB SCOUT idea.

My husband is the Cubmaster in our ward and was given the assignment of making an ARROW to present to the scout in our ward tonight who is receiving his ARROW of LIGHT award.
At the pack meeting.

Since it was something 'crafty'...I decided to help him out.
{Plus, my hubbers bless his heart, leaves everything until the very last minute and it sometimes make me nervous. Smile.}

Super simple.

Someone donated the arrow.
It was one that they had found in the woods while camping.

I spray painted it Gold.
I found the string of beads in the CLEARANCE section of Hobby Lobby.
{Is it bad that I now visit the Hob Lob on a daily basis?}
I found a package of feathers there as well.

Add some washi tape at the top and Wa-LaH!

My hubs was pleased so I was pleased.
Happy Scouting!

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  1. There are lots of cool ways to make the arrow of lights. I found a design that uses embroidery floss. It takes me about 2 hours, depending on what advancements/awards they have earned. I haven't had any complaints yet :) I get my arrows from the council office. They are ones that can not be used for range sports. So there is minimal cost. I love the beads on the end. I will have to check out Hobby Lobby's bead section next time I'm there.