Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chastity Handout.

Today's church lesson was on 

Can I just say that I HATED getting this lesson when I was a teenager myself? 
It was always a tad awkward, no?
 I must not have clearly thought that through when I assigned the teaching schedule for this year and assigned the Presidency to teach their corresponding classes on this subject.

Now that I am a {little}more mature....I now recognize the VAST importance of this topic.
SO! SO! Important!!!

Lucky for me...the church has done 3 AWESOME videos on this very topic and I showed all THREE of them. {They're all under 5 minutes.} The videos say it all so perfectly.

Check them out HERE, HERE and HERE.

We discussed things in between the videos such as:

Why is the Law of Chastity important?
What does it mean?
Why does living the Law of Chastity affect our confidence?

At the end of the lesson, I did one of my very favorite object lessons.
It involves 2 oranges and 2 large vases, each filled about a half full with water.

Have someone read Ephesians 6:11-17.
Liken 'putting on the armor of God' to the first orange.
Place the orange, peel and all in the first vase.
What happens?
It floats.
Just as we do when we wear the FULL Armor of God....we stay afloat and are protected.

Then take the second orange and start to name things that lead us into temptation.  Things that might lead us to break the law of Chastity.  As you name these things, peel a chunk of the orange skin off, followed by another and another until the orange is completely peeled.

Then drop THAT orange into the second vase and see what happens.
{It will sink to the bottom.}

God's armor and protection lifts us up.  We can rise above the trials that come our way with His help. He will not let us sink unless we do not do our part and protect ourselves.

{Object lesson idea found via Sugardoodle}. 

What better thing to hand out, I thought, than an....

This is what I came up with:

Simply just print out, cut and then tape to a toothpick.
Stick right into the center of your orange.

For a copy of my FREE printable handout click HERE.

Side Note: Please be sensitive when teaching this lesson.  We never know what someone may be going through at any particular time.  Always make sure the girls know that there is ALWAYS a way back to Heavenly Father and that way is through the Atonement. 


  1. Any thoughts on the Commandment theme next month for lesson and/or mutual activities?

    1. I got nothin so far Amanda...sorry! My 1st counselor is teaching the first of the month so I haven't really dived into it all yet. I'll post anything I do come across thought, for sure! xoxo

  2. Oh my heck!!! I'm so excited to have found your site. I was recently called to be the MiaMaids advisor in my ward and I'm loving every second of it. Your ideas are seriously adorable. I can guarantee that I'm going to be copying tons of them! You are amazing!!!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas and for being so stinking cute!

    1. Thanks Jessica! Congrats on your new calling!! :) Serving in YW is the best! xoxo

  3. thanks so much! This was three years ago and perfect still!

  4. Hi,
    I am trying to download your "orange" chastity printout and get the message 'file not found'. Have you moved it or is it no longer available? I love it and would like to use it for my YW lesson.

    1. So sorry about that. I've updated the link so hopefully it works now. Please Let me know! Xoxo