Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings.

Fall time is the PERFECT time to try out this recipe for yourself.
{And what's not to LOVE about's loaded with Mountain Dew!}

Serve it warm with a side of vanilla bean ice-cream and you are GOOD to GO!
You'll be making it all season long...I promise.

Here's what you'll need {did I mention it's EASY too?}:

1 can of crescent rolls
1 large granny smith apple
1 ½ cup brown sugar
 ½ cup butter
 ½ tsp. cinnamon
 12 ounces of Mountain Dew 

First...slice your apples into 8 pieces.
{It's best if your apples have the skin peeled away first.}

Next...Mix together your brown sugar and cinnamon.

Roll each apple slice in 1 section of a crescent roll..sprinkling with a tiny bit of your brown sugar mixture first.

 Squish the dough together to seal all of the open edges.

Place into a greased 8x11 pan when finished with each roll.

Melt your butter and add to your cinnamon/sugar mixture.

Stir until it's totally mixed together and then 'glop' by the spoonful on top of your dumpings.

Pause now and take an apple juice {OR Mt. Dew} break.

I dare you to look this cute though while sipping.

Next measure out your Mt. Dew...

And pour over all over your dumplings.

{Looks a little funky I know, but TRUST ME....once baked they are DELISH!}

Bake at 350 Degrees for 40 minutes.

As stated before....
serve warm


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  1. A great recipe I can't wait to try out. I love apples and cinnamon, and especially dumplings!

    I came up with a related recipe for Apple Dumplings in a cinnamon sauce. While different from your own, I think mine is a unique take on the dish. I'm new to the Food Blog scene and would love some feedback from a pro like you. Check out my recipe if have time.


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