Sunday, August 11, 2013

Temple Marriage lesson handout ideas.

Have I ever mentioned how great my advisors are in Young Womens?
They're fabulous.

The thing I love MOST about them?
They teach with the spirit.
And from their heart.
They really connect with the girls and are truly amazing teachers.

An added bonus?
They incredibly talented and clever.

This week our church lessons were on Temple Marriage.

I just HAD TO SHARE what a couple of our teachers gave out as handouts.

Temple Rings
Temple image with wording found on Lil' Luna.
My cute Laurels advisor MADE these for each girl and issued a challenge with it.

They are to wear the ring non-stop until someone notices it...and asks about it.

She made them big and chunky just for that reason. 
So that they'd get noticed.

It's a great and easy way for the girls to share their testimon.
They're going to report back next week on their experiences.

She made them by purchasing clear large pebbles from Hobby Lobby in their garden section.
She decoapuged the image {after it was shrunk} to the bottom.
She also purchased the ring bases from Hobby Lobby as well and used strong glue to glue it all togher.
How cute, huh?

My cute Beehives advisor came up with this darling idea...

Mirrors for the girls to hang up in their bedrooms!!!

{I told you my leaders were talented!}

She purchased the mirrors from Michaels and then had
create the image.  

I LOVE that it has the Gilbert, AZ temple on it is still under construction and we are all eagerly awaiting it's completion!  
{It's only going to be 10 minutes away from my house...wahoooo!!!}

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