Friday, August 9, 2013

Thank You Gift Idea.

Have I mentioned how much my kids LoVe school?
Because they do.
They wake up EXCITED to go each day.

I owe that 100% to their fabulous teachers.
We have been blessed, yet again, with THE BEST teachers this year.

I helped Grant's teacher out with a little something earlier this week and she surprised me with this DARLING gift today...

Cute?...double check.
Eating almost all of the Crunch bars within an hour?
Triple check.

Not to mention...she packed it all up so cute in this darling bag....

THANK YOU Melissa for making my day a little bit brighter!!!


  1. Hi Marci, love love love all your wonderful ideas. Would you happen to still have the A&W rootbeer handout you gave your YW last year before school started? email : Thank you so very much

  2. Marci it's me april (robert) can I also get a copy of your back to school cool quiz? thank you

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