Monday, August 5, 2013

This Weekend:

* We attended the wedding of our very cute babysitter Carley.
It was held inside of the Mesa Temple and it was SUCH a neat experience.
SUCH a great reminder that FAMILES can be TOGETHER FOREVER.
I love having that knowedge.

* Lunch with one of my very favorite peeps.

The boys' 1st grade teacher moved away and came back into town for a visit this weekend.
We ate HERE and chatted non-stop the entire time.
Gosh, I love her.
We're pretty much soul sistas - - we have just about EVERYTHING in common.

* Friday night we attended the RECEPTION for Carley and her husband and Carson was giddy with excitement that I let him wear his 'suit and tie'.

Thank you Wal-mart $5 tee-shirt.

*We tried a new burger joint afterwards...

Not gonna lie.

I'm one of those types of people where...when you eat at a mexican good the chips are determine how good everything else is.

Well I've decided it's the same now with burger joints.
How good the fries are, directly determines everything else.
And there fries were NOT good.

* Saturday morning YW Back to School Breakfast.
Deets HERE.
So blessed to be able to work with the cute youth in our church.

* Nap time afterwards.

*Date night with my hubbers HERE.
Their Soho Salad and Garlic Cheese Knots are the bomb-diggity.
{Not to mention...they have Diet Dr. Pepper ON TAP. Holla!!!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

*Roastbeef and Mashed Potatoes for lunch.

*Chocolate Chip Cookies for......dinner?
{That's just how we roll sometimes around here}.

* My parents dropped by afterwards for a visit and we laughed hysterically at AFV together.
People falling or getting hit in the groin = ALWAYS HILARIOUS in the Lamoreaux family book of rules.


Onto a fresh new week now....

Loads and loads of laundry 
and the boys start basketball!

Wish us luck.

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