Monday, August 12, 2013

This Weekend:

* London and I did a Friday morning Costco run.
How does 'just one thing' 
always add up to $100+?

* Fun date night with FUN friends HERE.
Gosh we LOVE that place.
It's {almost} going to be cooling down enough to where we can eat outside!

* Saturday morning I attended our annual Relief Societ Breakfast of Champions.
So blessed to have such a fabulous ward family.

* Took the kiddos to see this movie...

I'm not gonna lie.
It was just......OK.
I feel like they tried to mimic too much of Cars...
which in my mind...there's NO toppin.
It was CUTE but...probably my least favorite of the summer.

* The boys had their very first basketball game.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the fact that they're on the SAME team?

* We celebrated their very first win with a stop at Barro's pizza afterwards.
{Seriously.  What is in their ranch dressing to make it so unbelievably tasty?!?}

* Saturday night I jammed out to my Elton John Pandora station {LoVe!!!} while making THESE cupcakes for some of my cute young women.
They completed a challenge that I issued to them a couple of weeks back.
They make me so proud, those girls.

* Meetings & Churchey-Church on Sunday.

Sunday Best!

* Afternoon nap {they could ALWAYS be longer}.

* Joe's cute sister and her family came over for dinner.

* Roastbeef and mashed potatoes were served {of course!}
 as was a side of 2 cute toots in the bathtub...

London splish-splashin' with her cousin June.
* We ended the evening with the boys discovering what a 'doorknob' was.
And no...I don't mean the kind that opens and shuts doors.
I mean the gross, smelly, bodily excrection kind.

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  1. oh I am sad about the movie, I got tickets for hubbub totake Ethan tomorrow.. oh well. LOL
    I love that it's cooling down there for you ahaah