Monday, August 19, 2013

This Weekend:

* Joe and I had fun little double date on Friday morning
 with the cute lady I Visit Teach and her husband.  
We ate HERE.
Fun interior in the restaurant.
Yummy food.  
My only complaint was that their air conditioning was blowing right above my head and it cooled down my omelet before I was finished.

* I spent the afternoon in my kitchen baking.
{One of my very favorite things.}

My Banana Bread recipe is coming SOON!
{It's a keeper}.

* Friday night my mom threw a family surprise party for my sister Tori.
She turns 44 at the end of this month but my parents will be out of town so we celebrated early.

My mom decorated the kitchen with
  'blast from the past' pictures of my sis....

Grant wanted to know if she was having 'a bad hair day' in all of these pics.

I made THIS to die for cake....

Serving it with a couple of scoops of  Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream is a MUST!

Later my mom read my sister's very favorite book...

We ended the night with teaching my parents how to use their new iphone 5s.
This included my mom asking the question:
 "How do I make this thing I just hold it up to my ear?" 
Which one of us responded with.... "No, hold it up to your butt".

We then taught my dad how to take his first ever 'selfie'.

Lucky for us there were no 'duck lips' involved.

Why is teaching your parents how to use electronics such a funny thing?

* Saturday morning Bosa donut run with the fam.
{And by 'run'...I don't by any means, mean that we actually RAN there.}  

* Basketball games for the boys.
{Second win of the season!}

* We kicked it at home Saturday night and
 watched Alice in Wonderland...the old school cartoon version. My kids were mesmerized.  

* Churchey-Church on Sunday.
Taught THIS lesson.

* Fun friends over for dinner on Sunday night.
Sat at the dinner table chatting it up for a good two hours afterwards.
Fun friends, indeed!

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