Monday, September 30, 2013

This Weekend:

* I made 150 cupcakes.
50 for the kids' class parties.....

Carson's class was finishing up a unit on all things APPLES.

And Grant's class was finishing up a unit on ROCKS.

I also baked up 100 french vanilla cupcakes for a wedding reception 
for a dear friend of mine.

Being Room Mom for both of my boys' classrooms is FUN!
LOVE being able to spend time
 with them at school.
{And it's an added bonus that their classrooms are RIGHT NEXT DOOR to each other!}

* Friday night the boys went to a Birthday Party so Joe and I took London along with us on our date night HERE for dinner.
{Seriously LOVE their food.  Everything is homemade and fresh and YUMMY!}

* Wedding reception afterwards.

Joe adoring usual.
AZ weather is finally becoming bearable again.
Perfect night, perfect temperature and Joe and London had a blast dancing to the music outside.

* Saturday morning was the boys' big Basketball Championship game.
Their team has been undefeated ALL season and sadly lost to another team in overtime.
The boys played their hearts out and Grant made himself a new record...FOUR baskets!

* Because the boys were in tears after losing {yes...tears!} we only felt it right to cheer them up with milkshakes and french fries at Iceberg afterwards.

Lucky for us, Grandma and Grandpa came along!

* Saturday night the boys went to the ASU football game...

Grant and Carson with their cousins.
...while London and I kicked it at home and got out ALL of our Halloween decor.
{Pics to come soon!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

*Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes for dinner.

* Ended the weekend with one of my very bestest friends 
coming to stay with me.
We've been tight since back in the college days and it's SO fun to catch up with her.


Let the FALL BREAK officially BEGIN!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Young Womens General Conference Motivator.

Today I handed these Red VINES to all of my Young Women, in hopes of encouraging them to watch General Conference next week!

Red Vines were found for $1 at the $ tree.

For a copy of my FREE printable TAG click HERE.

As always...I gave the girls a challenge.

If they watch ALL FOUR sessions of conference and then are able to tell me WHICH talk was their favorite and WHY...
those girls will be able to celebrate with a very special breakfast at my house.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Finds Friday.

It's been a busy week!

Between baking 150 cupcakes last night, the kids' homework and piano lessons....we are ready for the WEEKEND not to mention...
FALL BREAK is officially here...YAHOO!

Here are a few FUN FINDS spotted this week:

Are you throwing a Star Wars themed party?
Or just have a kid obsessed with it all?

Target $ bins have been stocked for the season and they have a whole section dedicated to Star Wars.

These cute tins were in the bins as well - in the $3 spot.
Super cute and would be such an easy gift to give to someone filled with cookies or candy!

Also in the $ bins...these cute Color Your Own Placemats.
If you're hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year...these would be PERFECT for the kiddie table.

Over at Wal-mart I spotted....

...these cute clear glass pumpkin jars.
Another cute and easy gift....filled up with candy or cookies.
Oooohhhh..pumpkin cookies!  How fun would that be?

Check out ALL this ribbon!
Guess what?  It's only a DOLLAR!
Found in the CRAFT section of Walmart....I stocked up!
The top two were my two favorite and I bought enough to last me through the season.
{I might have a mild ob-sesh with ribbon!}

Happy Weekend and Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

General Conference Motivators.

General Conference is approaching.
It's easily one of my very favorite weekends of the year.

For those not familiar with my religion -
General Conference = the first weekend of October where our Prophet and his apostles speak to their congregation from all over the world, in Salt Lake City.  It is broadcast live over the internet and cable television.  There are 4 - 2 hour sessions. In lieu of going to church on that Sunday....we stay at home and watch 'conference' on TV.
 To learn more about it you can click HERE.

Each week BEFORE Conference - I like to give my cute Young Women a little treat, motivating them to watch and listen to what the leaders of our church have to say.

I also challenge them to watch ALL FOUR sessions.
Their reward? A special breakfast ala moi.
To see what I did last spring click HERE.

Here are some of the treats I've handed out in the past...

General Conference and Personal Progress are the perfect 'COMBO'

Become a 'FAN' of Conference

Let General Conference QUENCH your THIRST

Make the Most of General Conference
I do offer FREE printables for the first two ideas - click on those links.
The last two sadly, were not saved to my computer BUT I know someone out there has recreated the M&M one so just google it or surf Pinterest.

I'll be posting my idea for 
THIS year's ..... THIS Sunday.
So stay tuned....

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

2 Items I Purchased today from Trader Joes:

Have you TRIED their Pumpkin Pancake Mix?
Oh goodness.  RUN to your nearest store and pick up a box.
They only sell these seasonly and they are HEAVEN in the mornings.
My kids LOVE eating them just as much as me.
{And they are super easy to whip up! Added bonus.}

The Sweet Chili Sauce came highly recommended from a friend.
She says that she pours the bottle over a block of cream cheese 
and serves it with crackers as an appetizer.

Cream cheese?  Count me in!
I'm wanting to plan a get together JUST to have an excuse to make that now!

2 Songs that should be EVERY Girl's Anthem:
{Or at least on their itunes playlist!}

ROAR - Cannot get ENOUGH of this song right now.

GIRL ON FIRE - I loooove me some Alicia Keyes.
SO talented, no?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Recipes.

 Sorta freakin out that yesterday was the FIRST day of FALL!
I LOOOOOVE me some FALL season.
It's my very very FAVORITE!
{As an added's dropped down to the 90s here...Fall weather indeed for us Arizonans!}

BAKING during the fall/winter months could possibly be my VERY FAVORITE thing to do.
So many yummy recipes.
So many yummy PUMPKIN recipes.

I've been collecting some that 'I want to try' on my Pinterest boards.
Allow me to share them with you...

The Baker Chick
Cinnamon Cupcakes with Pumpkin Pie Frosting
The Kurtz Corner
These are DEFINITELY next on my list to try when I deliver goodies to my neighbors.

Recipes 4 All
This recipe will be tested out next weekend during General Conference.

Pretty Good Food
And last but defintiely not least....
Damn Delicious
A website with THAT name? 
It's GOTTA be good!

Happy Baking!
What's YOUR favorite fall recipe to whip up?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coombs Family Weekend in the Mountains.

The 2nd half of our week long vacation took us to 
Christopher Creek in Payson,AZ.

Here, we met up with Joe's family for a weekend of fun in the mountains.

The entire clan.
We stayed in the PERFECT cabin tucked right into the woods.
It was DREAMY!

Highlights of our Cabin Trip included:

1. Spending unlimited amounts of time with our cousins, aunts and uncles.....

....and of course.....

.....Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Scott!

2. Visiting the Fish Hatchery

 3. Playing at the Creek.
{Clothes were optional}.

4. Blowing Bubbles on the deck.

5. Hiking and Catching Bugs.
This was MY type of hike too.
It only lasted 15 minutes and the pathway was paved.
6. Playing at the Lake.

7. The Gorge-WAH views.
{That's fancy talk for 'GORGEOUS'.}

8. Playing Ping-Pong.

9. Collecting Pinecones with this cutie...

and...10...Shooting BB guns at soda cans.

Thank You Scott and Marilyn for planning such a FUN FAMILY weekend!

Creating memories like this are our FAVORITE!!!


P.S. I also became completely obsessed with this book while we were there....

I loved every last page and did not want it to end! 

'The Diz' - Day 3

Disneyland Day 3 found us all in matching ASU gear.
{Gotsta represent our Sundevils!}

We rode LOTS of rides....

....including one that we've never ever been on before {can you believe that?!}
The Storybook Land Boats.
Super cute little ride and my kids were mesmorized with all of the little villages and what not.

My VERY FAVORITE part of our day?

Meeting one of my VERY FAVORITE college roommates for lunch!
{We bumped into each other the day before...seriously, what are the odds?!?}

We BOTH ended up having 2 boys and a girl!
We were destined to be BESTIES all those years ago.

We met at Flo's V8 Cafe in Cars Land and it was 
SO MUCH fun to catch up after 15 {GaSp!} years!!!

It seemed as though we just picked up from where we left off.
So grateful for GOOD friends in my life!!!

We ended the day with some shopping 
{the kiddos used their Disney Dollars
and the Disneyland parade.

I think I'm equally as captivated as London.
Those floats are somethin else!

Thank you Disneyland for yet another unforgettable family va-cay.
I've decided September is THE TIME to go.
It's all decorated for Halloween but the crowds are significantly less.

Until next time Mickey.....