Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beachy-Beach Day 2.

Day 2 of our week long family va-cay took us to the beach.
One of my very favorite places on earth!

We started the morning out with breakfast at a new spot...

Bruxie came recommended from my brother-in-law and it did not disappoint.

All of their items are served as 'waffle sandwiches'.

Mine included country sausage, cheddar cheese and eggs.
Joe's included salmon {bleh} and I don't know what else.
{He lost me after the salmon part.}

We were both thoroughly impressed and it was a FUN new place to try!

{My only complaint? They didn't serve REAL soda. 'Sugared Colas' is what they call it. What the?! I opted for water.}

We headed on out to the beach for rest of the day.
Being there reminded me of my childhood and spending time HERE each summer with my family and our friends. Good memories indeed.  One's I want to create with my OWN kids now.

I taught my kids all sorts of new things at the beach.

#1 - How to build sand castles...

#2 - How to search for seashells
#3 - How to bury feet in the sand
and not to be forgotten 
#4 - how to pee in the ocean.
{You're welcome Newport!}

London, in true diva form, refused however to try this new tactic.  It was a GOOD thing though because when we finally found a real restroom...she went #2. Phew!  Good thing she's so proper.  

We took the ferry over to Balboa island...

Which is where I now someday have a dream of owning a summer home.
Somewhat like this cute one...

Isn't this the most charming place you've ever seen?
We rented a bicycle.
FAMILY style.

I was pooped after pedaling for only 2 minutes!
We were quite the sight to be seen...let's just say that.

Everything was fun and games until Joe ran over my toe.
{That's a story for a different post though}.
I do apologize to the citizens of Balboa for anything inappropriate that may have been shouted out of my mouth at this time.
Getting your toe smashed on HURTS! Do you blame me?!?

We ended our day with dinner by the ocean at a place called Great Mex.
It came highly recommended from the locals.
It was DEE-LISH too!
Their crispy tacos and salsa 
were the bomb diggity.

Beach + Family = Best of Memories!
Can't wait to do it again soon.


  1. I'm loving these Disney/Ca posts!! My family goes there in December. It will be my two youngest's first time. (ages 7 and 5). How was Cars Land? Is it still super crowded? Looks like you got on all the good rides, though!
    My husband and I aren't fans of crowds, so December (before Christmas break) is the only time we go!

    1. Thanks Em! Cars Land is the bomb-diggity! most favorite place now. Way better than last year crowd wise. Jealous you are going in Dec....never been there when it's all decorated for Christmas! xoxo


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