Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Finds Friday.

It's been a busy week!

Between baking 150 cupcakes last night, the kids' homework and piano lessons....we are ready for the WEEKEND not to mention...
FALL BREAK is officially here...YAHOO!

Here are a few FUN FINDS spotted this week:

Are you throwing a Star Wars themed party?
Or just have a kid obsessed with it all?

Target $ bins have been stocked for the season and they have a whole section dedicated to Star Wars.

These cute tins were in the bins as well - in the $3 spot.
Super cute and would be such an easy gift to give to someone filled with cookies or candy!

Also in the $ bins...these cute Color Your Own Placemats.
If you're hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year...these would be PERFECT for the kiddie table.

Over at Wal-mart I spotted....

...these cute clear glass pumpkin jars.
Another cute and easy gift....filled up with candy or cookies.
Oooohhhh..pumpkin cookies!  How fun would that be?

Check out ALL this ribbon!
Guess what?  It's only a DOLLAR!
Found in the CRAFT section of Walmart....I stocked up!
The top two were my two favorite and I bought enough to last me through the season.
{I might have a mild ob-sesh with ribbon!}

Happy Weekend and Happy Shopping!!!


  1. oh I love love those glass pumpkins, I HOPE we get those here ( I doubt it), oh I can see them filled with Candy corn.

  2. My son loves star wars..
    he wanted a Star Wars´s birthday party , but it is hard to find supplies here
    ( and 1 dollar... how lucky you are)

  3. I just bought one of those Halloween tins (the black cat face one) at my Target, and good news, it was marked (and I was charged) ONE dollar. So go out and grab some! :)


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