Wednesday, September 25, 2013

General Conference Motivators.

General Conference is approaching.
It's easily one of my very favorite weekends of the year.

For those not familiar with my religion -
General Conference = the first weekend of October where our Prophet and his apostles speak to their congregation from all over the world, in Salt Lake City.  It is broadcast live over the internet and cable television.  There are 4 - 2 hour sessions. In lieu of going to church on that Sunday....we stay at home and watch 'conference' on TV.
 To learn more about it you can click HERE.

Each week BEFORE Conference - I like to give my cute Young Women a little treat, motivating them to watch and listen to what the leaders of our church have to say.

I also challenge them to watch ALL FOUR sessions.
Their reward? A special breakfast ala moi.
To see what I did last spring click HERE.

Here are some of the treats I've handed out in the past...

General Conference and Personal Progress are the perfect 'COMBO'

Become a 'FAN' of Conference

Let General Conference QUENCH your THIRST

Make the Most of General Conference
I do offer FREE printables for the first two ideas - click on those links.
The last two sadly, were not saved to my computer BUT I know someone out there has recreated the M&M one so just google it or surf Pinterest.

I'll be posting my idea for 
THIS year's ..... THIS Sunday.
So stay tuned....