Tuesday, September 17, 2013

'The Diz' - Day 1.

Disneyland Day 1 was a huge success.
I must say....the older my kids get...the MORE FUN it gets at this place.

London was officially 40" this time so she got to ride rides that she hasn't in the past.
She also didn't whine to be held in every line we waited in.

We went with 'Disney' character themed wardrobes for our first day.
{No...I did not wear mouse ears.}
This guy...however rocked this hat like it was nobody's business...

What posseses a grown man to wear a hat like this?
And be FOR REALS about it?

The boys met Captain Hook.

London rode Splash Mountain for the FIRST time EVER!

And although we all look deathly terrified....
We ALL wanted to ride it again!
{Including Joe who's face got cut out}.

Carson faced his fears of riding Indiana Jones.
{He LOVED it, of course!}

from the Little Red Wagon on Main Street.
Seriously...BEST EVER!
They practicaly melt in your mouth.  
{Sure it's probably just the grease dripping in your mouth but whatever.}
They are GOOD!

I also treated myself to my FAVORITE ice-cream sundae EVER
from the Gibson Girl Parlor.
Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream + hot fudge + whip cream + fresh waffle bowl.

We walked right onto my FAVORITE RIDE EVER!
{Which Joe sat out. Dizzy rides do not mix well with him.}

Luigi's Flying Tires
And we hit up all 3 rides over at our favorite spot in Cali Adventure.
Cars Land!

 We ended our day with dinner at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.
{A family favorite!!!}

We were all SO tired we could barely walk back to our hotel.
A definite GOOD sign of having all the right kinds of FUN!

The little red fire truck directly below Walt Disney's apartment on Main Street USA.

This pic just reminds me that my kids are growing up all too fast.


  1. Looks like so much fun, especially getting on rides with no lines. Can't wait to hear more!

    Enjoy yourselves. =)

    Lori M.

  2. Might I suggest that Disney World be your next adventure. I love DL but nothing is as magical as DW.