Sunday, September 22, 2013

'The Diz' - Day 3

Disneyland Day 3 found us all in matching ASU gear.
{Gotsta represent our Sundevils!}

We rode LOTS of rides....

....including one that we've never ever been on before {can you believe that?!}
The Storybook Land Boats.
Super cute little ride and my kids were mesmorized with all of the little villages and what not.

My VERY FAVORITE part of our day?

Meeting one of my VERY FAVORITE college roommates for lunch!
{We bumped into each other the day before...seriously, what are the odds?!?}

We BOTH ended up having 2 boys and a girl!
We were destined to be BESTIES all those years ago.

We met at Flo's V8 Cafe in Cars Land and it was 
SO MUCH fun to catch up after 15 {GaSp!} years!!!

It seemed as though we just picked up from where we left off.
So grateful for GOOD friends in my life!!!

We ended the day with some shopping 
{the kiddos used their Disney Dollars
and the Disneyland parade.

I think I'm equally as captivated as London.
Those floats are somethin else!

Thank you Disneyland for yet another unforgettable family va-cay.
I've decided September is THE TIME to go.
It's all decorated for Halloween but the crowds are significantly less.

Until next time Mickey.....

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