Monday, September 2, 2013

This Weekend:

* Friday lunch at Barro's with one of my favorite peeps.
{Dang, they have good lunch specials!}

* Grant had a birthday party HERE on Friday night.

Joe took Carson to the Dbacks game.

Which left London and I shopping at Hobby Lobby {duh!} with ice-cream afterwards at DQ.

Their Peanut Butter Bash sundae is seriously dreamy.
* Saturday morning I met my brother and 2 sisters at The Farm House for breakfast.
We were celebrating my sister's bday.
{And we love an excuse to eat out!}

* Bball game for the boys.
Another win!
Their darling school teachers showed up to cheer them on...

Aren't they the cutest teachers?
They even brought basketball themed treats to give to the boys for after the game!
Love. Them!

* Saturday afternoon Costco run.
Costco + Saturdays do not usually mix for me.
Too many vultures around those sample booths.

* Date night with FUN friends HERE.
{They added their Chicken and Biscuits back onto the menu and I was in heaven!}

The boys talked things like fantasy football while us girls chatted about:
Our kids wiping boogers on their bedroom walls,
Our kids not flushing the toilet after they go #2
How hard it is to get ring around the toilet scum scrubbed off.

Enticing, isn't it?
Only the BEST of FRIENDS you can talk like that with!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
My bucket was spiritually filled yet again.

*We spent the afternoon as a family on the couch, eating popcorn, laughing hysterically at Wipeout.
And THIS commercial.
Darn that Shaq...he's FUNNY!
{Pay close attention to his facial expressions}


I don't mean to brag BUT....
I have a super talented sister-in-law named Jenny.

She's been hard at work for me on my little bliggity blog and has added some new features.
Take a look around.

I now have a: 

Contact Me page - you can contact me directly with questions, concerns, thoughts.
About Me page - see who I am
Advertise With Me page - You wanna get your business noticed?
Try it out here with me!

She's also added my most popular posts on the sidebar.
AND....she's added the 'Pin it' button directly onto each of my pictures now so you can 'Pin' away if you see something you like!

How lucky AM I to have a S-I-L like HER?!?


  1. love weekend posts! I always think i have the most boring life hahahah!! j/k
    mine went, mmhh, release Ethan from hospital, umh, 5 loads of laundry, ate cerial, went to bed, sunday... stayed home frm church with Ethan, made dinner, put kids to bed after a crazy weekend.. the end ahahhahaha!! xoxoxoxo

  2. What a fun weekend! I love Hobby Lobby- there is one that opened a couple months ago by me. I always spend wwaaayyyy too much money- but they have such great sales!