Monday, September 16, 2013

This Weekend:

*Friday morning Joe took the boys {and their cute friends!} to
Donuts for Dudes at their school.

LOVE that the school does this...the boys look forward to it each year!

* Ran errands all day long preparing for our trip!

* Friday night we celebrated one of my most FAVORITE friends' birthdays...

Rachel and I - Girls Camp 2012
...with dinner HERE and a fun filled Elders Quorum GAME NIGHT at the church afterwards.

Oh yeah..and my friend and I decorated her car the night before with classy sayings like this.

* Another Saturday Basketball game for the boys.

Grant scored THREE baskets and BOTH the boys earned the game day medals.
Plus...they WON and are still undefeated!

Out of ALL of the sports these boys have 
{Baseball?  Not so much.}

* Ran around like a mad woman on Saturday afternoon {again} getting ready for our trip.
Between laundry, packing clothes, packing treats, packing things for the kids to do in the car....
Good thing they're SO worth it!

*Saturday night ASU game.
Go Sundevils!!!

Joe and Carson went and.....they WON!
Fear the Fork!!!

* Churchey-Church on Sunday.

The kiddos had their annual Primary Program.
I teared up towards the end AS ALWAYS.
There's just something so sweet and pure about this program.

{Plus....I was trying to forget the fact that London
 a) refused to do her part and
 b) chewed through her cute necklace while she was sitting on the stand.  

*As soon as that was over, we loaded up our car and headed straight towards.......

Photo via Pink Cake Plate
.....the Hap Hap HAPPIEST Place on Earth!
Tomorrow we do DAY 1 and we are beyond excited.


I do love car rides {call me crazy!} because I get to catch up on lots and lots of my favorite magazines.

Definitely going to replicate that Jack Skeleton white pumpkin this year....

....and most positively going to make myself some chevron and polka dot pumpkins as well.
Cannot wait!

 When I get home I'm also going to try....

....these Bacon Maple Cupcakes!?!?
{What the WHAT?}

My curiosity is getting the best of me on these and I MUST know if they are any good.
{You add crumbled bacon INTO the mix AND on top of the frosting.}

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