Monday, September 30, 2013

This Weekend:

* I made 150 cupcakes.
50 for the kids' class parties.....

Carson's class was finishing up a unit on all things APPLES.

And Grant's class was finishing up a unit on ROCKS.

I also baked up 100 french vanilla cupcakes for a wedding reception 
for a dear friend of mine.

Being Room Mom for both of my boys' classrooms is FUN!
LOVE being able to spend time
 with them at school.
{And it's an added bonus that their classrooms are RIGHT NEXT DOOR to each other!}

* Friday night the boys went to a Birthday Party so Joe and I took London along with us on our date night HERE for dinner.
{Seriously LOVE their food.  Everything is homemade and fresh and YUMMY!}

* Wedding reception afterwards.

Joe adoring usual.
AZ weather is finally becoming bearable again.
Perfect night, perfect temperature and Joe and London had a blast dancing to the music outside.

* Saturday morning was the boys' big Basketball Championship game.
Their team has been undefeated ALL season and sadly lost to another team in overtime.
The boys played their hearts out and Grant made himself a new record...FOUR baskets!

* Because the boys were in tears after losing {yes...tears!} we only felt it right to cheer them up with milkshakes and french fries at Iceberg afterwards.

Lucky for us, Grandma and Grandpa came along!

* Saturday night the boys went to the ASU football game...

Grant and Carson with their cousins.
...while London and I kicked it at home and got out ALL of our Halloween decor.
{Pics to come soon!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

*Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes for dinner.

* Ended the weekend with one of my very bestest friends 
coming to stay with me.
We've been tight since back in the college days and it's SO fun to catch up with her.


Let the FALL BREAK officially BEGIN!


  1. Hey Marci! What do you use as the apple leaves on the apple cupcakes? Brennan wants "apple cupcakes" for his birthday on Friday. I couldn't believe the timing with your post! Love your blog. xoxo.

  2. Amazing room mom! As much as I loved all my parents when I taught...I sure never had one quite like you! I know your kids' teachers REALLY appreciate all you do!


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