Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

2 New Things I am 
LOVING Right Now:

1.Subway's Double Chicken Chopped Salad
 Ok, ok....I know that Subway salads are SO not new BUT....can you believe I've NEVER had one until last weekend?  
{Me either! I'm usually a sandwich kinda gal but decided to switch things up 
last timeI was there.}

 Helllooo?!?  Where have I been?
Love how they mix it all up together and LOVE their lettuce more in a salad than I do on a sandwich!

2. Marie Calendars MINI pies
This one could get me into A LOT of trouble.
Their chocolate satin pie is hands down probably my favorite pie. Ever!
Now...they make em in MINI versions....ones that you can eat in like 5 or 6 bites.
AND...they only take 10 seconds to defrost in the microwave.
Their Oreo crumb crust just seals the deal for me.

2 Things I Strongly DISLIKE:

1. Sitting on a 'peed on' toilet seat.
Doesn't matter if it's my own toilet seat at home {darn boys!} or a public toilet seat at the mall.
And the worst part about it IS....once you sit down...you can't do anything about it!
The damage is done.
It's already stained your cheeks.

{Yes...I usually do a thorough seat wipe before I sit down but when I'm in my OWN home...why should I have to, right? Note to self: MUST get stricter about my boys lifting the seat.}

2. The Disney channel advertising new shows OR movies that are like 6 months away!
Why must they advertise things SO FAR in advance?
How do you explain the 'waiting game' to kids?  It's brutal. 


Happy October 1st!
It's my favorite MONTH of the year.
Let the FUN begin!!!


  1. oooh yumm on those pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I am tired of Ethans bathroom smelling like pee, seriously, I lysok wipe it down every single day,and it still stinks.. I never had the trouble til I had a boy!

  2. Ok, I'm a fan of the chocolate silk pies too!! But I didn't know they came in mini sizes, your right, that is very dangerous.