Thursday, October 24, 2013

Clever Halloween Costumes.

Halloween is officially only ONE week away...
can YOU believe IT?!

I've never been a BIG costume 'dresser-upper' myself BUT I always get a kick out of others who do.
I LOVE seeing what people come up with....
ESPECIALLY when COUPLES dress up together!

Here are some CUTE. FUN. & CLEVER costume ideas I've found lately:

Humor Sharing
Two.  Big.  Boobs.
It does not GET any funnier than that people.
IF Joe and I WERE to dress up....I'd do this one.
It is HILARIOUS to me!!!

My brother-in-law and his wife dressed up with some pretty clever costumes a few years back.

SHE wore a robe with newspaper clippings on her shirt and she was a
  'News' flasher.

HE wore cereal boxes all over his shirt with knives sticking out and he was a
  'CEREAL' killer.

Dishfunctional Designs
For any of my MALE readers....this one is PERFECT and oh so simple!!
All it takes is GRAY paint samples from Home Depot.
Clever, no?

Hawaiian Punch girl.

Can you STAND the CUTENESS of this little boy dressed up as the
 "UP" old man from the movie?

Her Campus
If you're not a fan of dressing up....this costume is for YOU.
Jon Krawczynski dressed up as 'FACE' book.


What are YOU and YOUR little ones dressing up as this year?!?


  1. The little "Carl" boy is a friend from texas! Super cute right?! I wish she wouldn't have deleted her blog because her costumes of all of her kids every year are so cute. In fact she was Merida herself a year or two ago, and it was gorgeous. That is all... :)

  2. AND how annoying that it JUST ASKED ME TO SIGN INTO GOOGLE! SO I put MY NAME. MY password. And it came up as Mike. Lame. It was me Brooke :)

  3. Looking for any awesome, scary, weird or Funny Halloween Costumes and just in time, I found your blog which is very interesting. Thanks for sharing and I do hope I could pin some nice photos on my Pinterest boards. Good day! :D


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