Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Church Leadership Treats.

Last week I held a Presidency Meeting at my house.
My leaders seriously ROCK and I like to show my appreciation for them at these meetings with a little type of treat to take home.

I had high hopes of MAKING something...
But my week got the best of me.

I wanted a treat that was 'FALL-ish' and so when I spotted these caramel covered apples, I knew I could put them to good use.

This is how they came straight from my local grocery store.
{LOVE their bakery!}
I'm not a HUGE fan of curly-q ribbon so I slid that ribbon off and added.....

....some orange gingham ribbon.
Much better, no?

I whipped up a tag and tied the whole thing together with twine.

Simple Pimple!
For reals.  
Especially when you don't have to even MAKE anything, right??

So here's the deal...
Since my mom is the Relief Society President of her ward.....I made some Relief Society tags for HER to use.
And since my sister is the Primary president in her ward....I made some Primary tags for HER to use.

And since I LOVE my bliggity-blog readers SO MUCH.... I'm sharing ALL OF THEM!

For Young Womens TAGS click HERE.
For Relief Society TAGS click HERE.
For Primary TAGS click HERE.


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  1. Awesome! Now if I can only get our two other teachers called I could give these to my RS teachers... ;)