Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun Finds Friday.

My boutique is over and I can finally breathe again!
{Pics of my Christmas wreaths coming soon..}

Here's what I've spotted as I've been out and about the last little while:

How cute are these mini gable boxes from Target?
Guess what makes them EVEN cuter?
They're only $1.

These little ghost cups were just a cute idea I spotted at my local scrapbook store.
Super easy.  Super cute.  
Fill em with candy and you have yourself a classroom treat.

I'm not sure why but each year, I find the need to buy my boys a cute Halloween shirt to wear to school on Halloween day.  I thought these 2 from Target were perfect.
{I'm a sucker for cute little minions.}

Are you in Young Womens?
If's a steal of a deal for cute Christmas presents for your girls.
These socks are $1.50 at Micheals.
Buy em and wrap em with this THIS poem.
{If we didn't already give SOCKS to our girls for their birthdays, I would so be doing this.}

Speaking of Christmas {can you believe it's just around the corner?!?}...
These bags, also found in the $1.50 bins would be cute to do something with.
I'm thinking.....homemade cookies and a cute little thing of chocolate milk?
Would make a super easy neighbor gift, no??

And these ornaments just scream 'classroom party' all over em.
Guess I should maybe stock up seeing as how I'm room mom for both my boys.
Wouldn't they make a cute little craft with a picture inside?
{Spotted at Michaels}

And last but not least....I really need to practice self contol everytime I see this aisle at Hobby Lobby. They seriously have the CUTEST wrapping paper.
{And I may or may not be obsessed with good wrapping paper}.
All of it is 40% off right now!

Happy Shopping and 
Happy Weekend!!!
It's in the 80s here this weekend with 50s at night.


  1. * cough, splatter.. 80's WHAT THE $*^*&... I woke up to -5.. that's minus 5, and a high of 10 today LOL

    Umh, I love wrapping paper too, love it, a little obsessed LOL
    If I was a mom, and got a framed pic like that, I would love love love it!!!!
    I have a tree in my family room, that is decorated with things the kids bring home, I love it!!

    1. Oh Heidi I don't know how you can stand it that cold!!! Hopefully England will bring you warmer temps for sure! Have so much fun!


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