Thursday, October 31, 2013


Can you believe it's HaLLoWeeN?!?
Having kids make this holiday SO much fun.

London as Rapunzel 2011
Is that wig not the BEST THING EVER?

Spidergirl 2012

Foster/Coombs Cousin clan 2012
Here's whats on tap for the BIG day:

* Take London and her two cute little friends to dance class.
They get to WEAR their costumes to class today...always a highlight!

* Make and deliver treats for the boys' school classes.
I had high hopes of preparing something fabulous yesterday BUT...I got sick so it's crunch time today.
{Follow me on Instagram HERE to see what I come up with.  Might not be anything fabulous at all!}

* Carving pumpkins after school.
It's boys verses girls.
Joe and the boys deco one pumpkin and London and I deco another.

* At 5:00 the Lamoreaux family will all come over for my mom's famous chili, pumpkin breadbowls, salad and cornbread.  My parents will pass out Halloween candy to all of the little kids while the rest of us adults will take our kiddos around the neighborhood.

* We'll wrap up the evening by watching:

It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
{What a classic!}
while sorting and counting all of the kids' loot.

I have a rule where I just let them go at it with the Halloween candy for about 2 days and mysteriously disappears.  Funny how that happens.

I, myself, will be digging through their stash for all things REESE'S, Peanut Butter M&Ms and Snickers.

Does anyone else wish that school on Friday had a 2 hour delay?
I'm envisioning LOTS of sugar comas that morning.

Happy Scaring!


  1. The school district we live in has no school tomorrow...

  2. Oh fun!!! I keep thinking I wonder what it would be like to have warmer weather for tonight.. today it about 5 degrees, so much warmer than last year, which was about -15. But bbrr chilly when dark!

    we do the same with our kids, let them go at it, and then take it.. but once they are in bed, we totally go and see what * great* finds we have!!! I LOVE the little Village we live in, it's a buzzing on Halloween night :)


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