Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Halloween Decor + some more Leadership Treat ideas.

The weather today was heavenly.
True. Fall. Weather.
{And that's hard to come by here in AZ!}
We spent the morning at a local pumpkin farm with fun friends and it was perfect.

Halloween is in the air, indeed!
Today I share with you some of my favorite spots from around our home this time of year.
{Excuse the poor quality and lighting.  Not the best by any means but you'll get the idea.}

Our kitchen table centerpiece.
I scored those candlesticks at a garage sale and spray painted them black.
Table runner was purchased at Home Goods.

I save these gumballs and candy corns each year.

It's a win win because they look cute AND my kinds can't eat em.
That spider right there is the ONLY spider Carson would allow me to put out this Halloween.
{He has a SERIOUS FOR REALS case of aracnaphobia.  It's BAD!}

Aren't those skelton straws the cutest?
Scored those from the Dollar Tree a few years back.
If the kids use them...I wash em and save em for the next year.
Yup, I love em THAT much.


Are you over a group of people at church, school or work?
Here's some Halloween Leadership Treat Ideas that I've used in the past....

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  1. oh it looks SOOO cute!!!! ok, you need to do a 'house tour' I hear that is a big thing right now in blogging, basically you do a tour room to room.. you need to do that... well, stop reading, off you go ahhahaha

    So, my friend told me a few years ago about the candy corn ( after I told her my kids eat it the same daym I put it out), she said spray hairspray all over them.. it makes them last and the kids have NO interest in eating them.. voila, worked like a charm ! LOL