Friday, October 4, 2013

The 25 Days of Christ Tradition.

Christmas is literally JUST around the corner.
Like it or will sneek up on you just as it does EVERY year!

I don't know about you...but each year as the holiday season approaches, I think to myself...

"How can I help my kids recognize the TRUE meaning of Christmas?"

"How can we make our Christmas as a family, a more CHRIST centered Christmas?"

Because after all...there IS a REASON for the SEASON, right?
{And no...that reason is not all about the glam, glitz, presents, wrapping paper, etc.}

When Kati from the company emailed me a few weeks back about this idea, I was THRILLED!
It is RIGHT up our family's alley and we are SO excited to start this new tradition.

Here is the general idea:

Each night leading up to Christmas, you'll gather your family together {ours will gather right before bedtime, most likely} and you'll open up a new ornament to place on your tree. That particual ornament will be symbolic and will also be accompanied with stories of Christ, scriptures, etc. for you to use as a family as you study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

And think about...what better gift can you give to your family each year as you discover the 
TRUE meaning of Christmas and are reminded of it EACH year.

Here's how it works:

You can order your kit online HERE.
I was giddy with excitment when my box arrived in the mail.

In your box you'll receive:

Everything you need to get your 25 ornaments ready.
{You'll need to add a few of your own supplies like paint and glue.}

A booklet explaining each day of the 25 days with ideas of what to use to enhance your learning experience.  

A gift bag to put your ornament in each night.
{We'll take turns with our kiddos as to WHO gets to open the bag each night.}

Some nights, we'll get into more than others, I'm sure.
I just LOVE though that EACH night...there is an ornament.
And EACH time, the kids see the tree and see that ornament, they'll know what it symbolizes.

Love. Love. Love.

And for any of my Local Peeps - - -if you order a kit...LET ME KNOW!  I am wanting to plan a little craft night at my house for the first part of November, where we all get together and assemble our ornaments TOGETHER.  Wouldn't that be fun?!?

For ALL of the DETAILS on how to order click HERE!


  1. We bought ours last year and the kids LOVED opening the ornament every night and putting it on the tree. Sometimes we read the passages, sometimes we just talked about it. But it was a great experience. Glad you found out about it.

  2. I just ordered a kit. I spend so much time and money on frivolous things that mean nothing, This has such value and worth and will last for years. Thank you for telling about it.