Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Weekend:

* I got squished.
I went in for my FIRST EVER mammogram.
{I'm 34.}
It was quite possibly the scariest, most nervous I've ever been.

I stopped on my way to the appt. and got one of these...

.....and I was STILL nervous.
Alas...after a tiny scare...all is well.
My detailed experience with this procedure deserves it's very own blog post though.
I'll be posting all about it tomorrow.
Glad it's over.

* Friday night we hung out with some of our VERY FAVORITE peeps.

The Recipe Club-ers.
We dined on Cafe Rio style burritos and salads while chatting aboutt  things like 
WHEN the most appropriate time is to talk to your children about S-E-X.
I, myself, am SOOO not ready for that chat.

I made THIS for dessert:

Photo via Betty Crocker
It was the perfect FALL-ish recipe.
{Note: I  think I would ADD 1 tsp. of cinnamon to my cake batter next time}

* Saturday we watched  GENERAL CONFERENCE.
It was inspiring and uplifting and was SO refreshing to hear.

{Deets on some of my very FAVORITE talks will come this week. 
Although it IS hard to pick FAVORITES.  ALL of the talks were GOOD!}

* In between sessions, London, my sister and I went and got pedicures.
{Orange pedis to celebrate the month!}

This was London's SECOND pedi ever and she pretty much thought she was a hot dog the entire time.

As for feet were SO nasty that even the 'toe dude' working on my feet agreed!
{He spoke English, so he just straight up told me! Ha!!!}

* While Joe headed to the Priesthood session of Conference, the kiddos and I went to see:

Photo via IMDB
Cute movie. 
 Silly.  But cute.
{I think I liked the first one a lil better.}

* The rest of my evening was spent disecting the room that we call
  'the TOY room' in our house.

It appeared that a bomb had exploded in there, and there were toys, pieces, games scattered EVERYWHERE. 
EVERYWHERE, I tell you!
I sorted and made two piles - - to donate and to throw away.
{P.S. I'm SO sick of toys!}

* Sunday was spent at home in our jammies, watching more of General Conference.
Loved every minute of it.

*We made Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast.

And I baked Banana Bread and Pumpkin Bread to deliver to neighbors.

Recipe to follow sometime this week!

* Ended our weekend with a pot roast dinner and some NFL football.


Week #2 of the kiddos Fall Break continues this week.
Our week includes: dentist appointments, a trip to the pumpkin patch, swimming and lots more sleeping in....WaHoO!!!

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