Monday, October 14, 2013

This Weekend:

* I turned the big 3-5.
My dad was quick to remind me that I'm now closer to 50, than I am to 20.
{Thanks, Dad.}

My day of celebrating went off without a hitch and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Well....I could've done without the humiliation and embarrassment.
It's a good thing I like a GOOD joke.

My friends hung bright colored posters ALL over the neighborhood and around the main roads telling everyone that it was my birthday.

They 'decorated' my car.  And by 'decorated' I mean...saran wrapped and oreo'd.

My own house apparently was not off limits either...'s a good thing I love my friends so much, huh?

For breakfast, we celebrated with my parents at the Hangar Cafe.
{A local family fave.}

And since calories don't count on your birthday {RiGhT?!}....
I ordered the biscuits and gravy meal.
Oh. My. Yum.

My parents were kind enough to take the kiddos home with them afterwards while Joe and I saw:


Oh. My. Goodness.
This's a MUST SEE!!!!!!
Drop everything this weekend and GO SEE IT!

It was incredibly suspenseful and had us at the edge of our seats the entire time. favorite part of the whole's a TRUE story!
For movie I've seen in a LONG time.

* My family showered me with all the right things.

1. London picked me out a new iphone case.
She thought it looked like me and her shopping....when she's a grown up.
{Heart melting}.

2. Carson picked out one of my favorite candies.
And drew me a picture of Spiderman capturing me on my birthday.

3. Grant gave me my other favorite candy with a card that said I'm the 'funniest person ever'.

4. And my hubbers spoiled me with the new iphone 5s.
{La La LOVE!}
And P.S. No we don't really call each other 'lovers'.
It's a joke.  From THIS SNL skit.

* We spent the evening with some of our very favorite friends on the planet.

Dinner at Liberty Market 
Dessert at Apple Dumplings

And then we called it a night.
Blessed x 100 indeed.

* Saturday morning.....I woke up sick.
Achey all over sick.
{Aint nobody got time for that!!}

* I attended a bridal shower for a dear family friend and a baptism for my sweet niece.

Details and pics on the darling 'Rainbow' themed baptism party my sister threw...coming soon.
Super adorbs!

* I went home and spent the rest of the evening laying on my couch with London by my side.
{Joe and the boys went to the ASU game.  GO DEVILS!!!}

London and I watched: Austin and Ally, Jessie, Dog with a Blog and Despicable Me.
{Thank you Despicable Me for saving me from the rest of those train wrecks!}

* Sunday.....I woke up even more sick.
This throat hurt.
Really bad.

I decied to take a peek inside with a flashlight and a mirror and found ginormous puss pockets all over my throat.
{Sorry for the visual.}

I decided to go into Urgent Care and took Grant with me as well since he had not been feelin so hot the past couple of days either.

Strep Throat for both us.
I can't remember the last time I had strep throat.
Elementary school, maybe?

Strep throat = no fun.
At. All.

Thank goodness for modern day medicine.
Fingers crossed that it kicks in SOON.

I've got A LOT to do this week.
No time to just be layin in bed!


I'm hosting a Fall Boutique at my house this Thursday.
If you're not friends with me on facebook and would like to come....please message me for directions.
It's going to be A LOT of fun.
And the more the merrier!

Maxi skirts, blouses, leggings and more from 3 Brunettes,  chunky bubble gum necklaces and bows from All Sass'd Up, Gold Canyon candles, sweet treats and my new Christmas monogrammed wreaths!



  1. oh I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday, and sorry about strep, I know we are ALONG way away , but it's going around here like crazy, I am terrified, I am going to get sick before I head out to England on Sunday!!!

    Umh, I SOO wish I could come to your party, really, you have no idea how much I wish :)
    and I cannot wait for the rainbow baptism details, Ella gets baptized in April, and I have already been thinking about it, is it really sad that I bought her dress a year ago, and have had it stored ahahhaha

    1. SO jealous you get to go to ENGLAND this weekend!!! Take lots of pics! And I'm so gonna do the same thing with London and her baptism dress...haha!