Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

2 of my new Favorite Finds:

Oh man.
These are dangerous.
These Peppermint flavored 'Fat Boys' are seriously HEAVEN on a stick.
HEAVEN I tell you!
{I scored mine at Albertsons.}


The new 'Amber Blush' scent from B&B has got me swooning.
Smells OH SO good!
TRY IT the next time you're in there.  
I'm hooked.

2 Things I Find Funny Right Now:

WHY on EARTH is this lady SO incredibly happy to be wearing DEPENDS?!
For reals.
I walked past this the other night at the grocery store and had to do a double take!!

WHO ACTS LIKE THIS when they have to wear 
ANY TYPE of 'padded protection'???
Definitely not me.

Something TOTALLY ME?
Who's with me on this one?!

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