Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

2 of my Favorite Songs right now:

Demons by Imagine Dragons
{Cannot. Get. Enough.}
Side note: My kids are OBSESSED with Imagine Dragons right now.
They're dying to go to their concert.
I said no because I thought, if I take them to a concert when they're 8 and 7 - - what are they going to want when they're 12 and 13??? Right?!!

Best Day of My Life by American Authors
I honestly think this song should play on EVERYONE's alarm clock when they wake up each day.  For reals.  
What if we ALL thought this when we arose each morning?!
I LOVE the positivity of this song.

2 of my new Favorite Treats:

Holy Smokes these babies are GOOD!
They may just be my new Christmas weakness.
{I spotted these at Target.}

Lotus Biscoff Spread

Oh. My. Yummy-ness.
Grant's teacher raved about this and gave me some to try for myself.
When I asked her 'what to put it on' she said, "You're finger!"
I laughed but SHE WAS RIGHT.  
I can't stop digging my finger into it and having 'just a taste!'

This stuff is CRAZY delish.
For reals though - you can spread it on graham crackers, toast, bagels, etc.

I purchased my copy of this today:

There are really no words.
Ok....just one.

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  1. oh we are sooo alike, I LOVE anything peppermint in a treat, and people magazine.. especially this edition ahahahah