Thursday, November 21, 2013

Easy Bow Holder How-to.

The SASSY DIVA has too many bows.

I'm not complaining.
Nor do I intend to get rid of any....
We just have 'outgrown' her current bow holders....if that is possible?!

{Side note: The sassy diva and I were having 
ONE OF THOSE mornings today.

It involved: fits, tears, and London spilling her anti-biotic all over the carpet.

It's a good thing she's so cute, right?!

Thankfully, Grandma came to the rescue and offered to take her for a couple of hours so I could re-coup! 

What would we do without Grandmas?!}

So here's what we WERE hanging her bows on....

Double Side Note: I'm now selling these 3 bow holders.
All 3 for only $10.
Any takers?
I want them gone.
{I'm in a 'fall cleaning' mode at my house right now.}

And HERE's what I made as her NEW Bow Holder....

I told you she had a lot.
I'm even a little embarrassed to say -- we ran out of room on THIS bow holder and so she has a separate stash in one of her drawers for just her 'holiday bows'.
Eye yi yi, right?
Anyhoozle - - this bow holder was SUPER easy and SUPER cheap to make.

Here's how I did it:

I scored the BIGGEST frame that I could find {at Garden Ridge} for half off.
{Half off = double score!}

I took out the glass and backing and spray painted it white - to match the furniture in her room.

Then I scored some chicken wire from my cute girlfriend who lives on a farm.
{We're talking authentic chicken wire people - I even had to wash a few feathers off!}

I cut the chicken wire to the size of my frame and then just staple gunned it all around the back.

Easy. Peasy.

Quadruple Side Note {Sorry for all of the side notes today!}:

How cute is this book shelf I scored from someone on Facebook?

It was only $20!!!
Bargain, right?
It fits PERFECTLY in London's room, too!


  1. oh this made me smile, I love bows, Ella refuses to wear anytihn in her hair, it drives me crazy!!!
    I had one of those days too... hubby truck broke down $2500 later, then i was at the dentist with the girls $1000 later and grace needs a retainer another $500 yep.. merry Christmas to me!!!

    oh you HAVe to do a house tour soon... I've read a few blogs lately doing this, and since this is my fav blog!! :)

    1. Oh Heidi I am so sorry! I swear - every Christmas it seems like we have some big 'fix' year it was our dishwasher, another year it was our washing machine and another it was our car transmission!!! No fun at all. Maybe I'll do a house tour once I get out all of my Christmas stuff? that's happening this weekend - yahoo! It's rainy and 60 degrees here and actually FEELS like the holidays! ;)