Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tasty Turkey amongst other things.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and our festivities this year went off without a hitch!
{Well...minus the fact that my sister-in-law's yams started on fire in the oven! No worries though...she had extras marshamallows on hand to re-top them with!}

Here's how our little Coombs' family Day o' Thanks went down:

Turkey Bowl!
Joe and the boys spent the morning playing football.
{Check out our blue skies in the background.
It was the PERFECT weather!}

London and I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 
{I've been watching it since I was London's age! It's a MUST at our house}
 and I scoured through the newspaper to see what sales, stores were offering this year.

Once the boys returned we all get ready...

...and headed over to Joe's parents house for the rest of the day.

Joe's mom had everything decorated so perfectly.

Yes...we got to eat our Thanksgiving dinner outside - - how awesome is that?

Marilyn had created the cutest 'Thankful Tree' with a leaf for everyone to hang.

During dinner, we all went around the table and told each other what we put on our leaf.
{My personal favorite?  
My own Carson's: "I'm thankful for college and college football".}

My husband decided he wanted to try his hand out at FRYING a turkey this year.
He's researched it for weeks.

Proud {and relieved!} to say that he did an AWESOME job, no 3rd degree burns were sustained 
and the fried turkey was a HUGE hit!
{Great flavor and super moist - - ugh...sorry about the moist.}

The rest of the afternoon was spent stuffing our faces, playing Grandma's fun Memory Game, plopping ourselves on the couch, playing MORE football, and playing outside.

Oh yeah....and LOTS of whip cream shots for all the cousins.

We headed home and finished our evening with Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving TV special.

Thank you to my fabulous in-laws for hosting such a FUN Thanksgiving.

We are VERY blessed, indeed!!!


  1. ooohh how fun!!!
    first off, message me where you go Londons little dress.. TO DIE FOR!! love it!
    oh I love thanksgiving, it's sooo lovely, I love parades too!!!
    fun little story, last year me & kids were watching the Disney parade and the backstreet boys were on, my 8 yr old said " mom, why do they have OLD men singing.. I was crushed ahahhaha.

    I cant wait to hear about your black Friday finds xo

    1. Hilarious Heidi! Her orange dress is from Gymboree. They have some CUTE stuff this season! xoxo

  2. Turkey!! And that turkey looks delish!!!! Gobble gobble!

    1. Thanks Brandi! Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous! xoxo


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