Monday, November 4, 2013

This Weekend:

* Grant and I were both sick on Friday.
{Actually we were sick, Wed, Thur, AND Friday but who's counting.}

We had the barfs, aches and chills.

The ONLY good thing about being sick over the Halloween holiday as that you have ZERO temptation to gorge yourself on all of the Halloween candy. I think this may have been the first year ever that I have not done that.

So....sadly, no date night Friday night.

Joe took Carson to the Basha football game.
London and Grant watched the Disney channel upstairs while
I cried my way through Parenthood downstairs.
{I'm telling you - - that show is the BEST SHOW ON TV!}

* Saturday morning {early} I woke up to the sounds of Carson barfing his brains out in our bathroom.

This meant another day full o' staying home.

Joe took Grant to his basketball game {he scored 2 baskets! AND they WON!}
while I worked on church stuff.

Lots and Lots of church stuff.
{I'm planning our Young Women in Excellence program right now.  It's next week.  
Pics of our invites to come tomorrow!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I taught THIS lesson and was reminded, yet again, how much I love the cute girls I get to work with each week. 

* We took our family pics Sunday afternoon.

My sister, the fancy photographer, working her magic.
This day is ALWAYS dreaded.....
by my kids....and mostly my husband.
Each year though I must gets a LITTLE easier AND more enjoyable.
Can't wait to see the finished products.

* We came home relieved that it was over and ate roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy and corn.
That meal has certainly become a Sunday staple around here.

* We laid on the couches afterwards as a family and watched Duck Dynasty.
Gosh, we love that show.
{P.S. I read THIS article from US WEEKLY while I was sick, and I don't know if my hormones were outta whack or what but....I bawled my way through it.  LOVE Willie and Korie!}

* We tucked the kidlets into bed {only took London roughly an hour and half to fall asleep this time!} and Joe and I planted ourselves back onto the couches {this time with popcorn and Reeses Pieces} and we laughed hyerstically at last weekends Saturday Night Live.

Props to SNL.
I thought for sure last season when all of the 'good' cast members left, that it would be a flop this year.
Not. So.
There are SO many funny cast members this has Joe and I in stitches.  
Yet again!


Tearing down Halloween stuff today and putting up my Thanksgiving decor.
Pics to come.
LOVE that Thanskgiving isn't until the last week of Nov. this year.  
Gives us more time to enjoy the turkey season.

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