Monday, November 11, 2013

This Weekend:

* We celebrated Veterans Day early with a really neat ceremony at the boys' school.

Their school goes ALL out for this holiday and their program was so touching.

As an added bonus...Joe's {famous!} Uncle Kent {he's a big wig name in Phoenix} was able to come to the school and help read the names of all of the Veterans and then come back to Grant's classroom for some 3rd grader questions.

SUCH a fun Friday morning!

* Friday night date night with my hubs...wahoo!
We went to dinner HERE {bleh! very disappointing!} and then saw:


Oh my goodness.
If you plan to see this...bring a box of tissues.
This movie was: heart wrenching and heart warming ALL at the same time.
SUCH a powerful movie.
Loved it. 
{Although...if I had a son on a mission...I would not recommend seeing it.  
Too scary to think of all the what-ifs!}

* I spent early Saturday morning with my cute young women....

We had our annual Stake Softball tournament.
SUCH a cute group of girls we have!

* Grant had another basketball game and scored FOUR more baskets.

We LOVE watching him play.
SO much fun!!

Check out London acting like she's one of the coaches in the post game huddle!

 * Saturday afternoon was spent watching the ASU vs Utah game.

My dad is a HUGE Utes fan and since my boys {and hubs!} are HUGE ASU fans...we invited my dad and nephew over to watch it all together.  Proud to say our Sundevils WON by ONE point!
{We take football very seriously around our house these days.}

* Saturday night I went with one of my favorite girlfriends for pedicures.
We then met up with MORE of our favorite friends for dinner at Tia Rosas.
{Seriously.  If you live in the valley and have not been to Tia' MUST try it.  It's my very favorite mexican restaurant here!}

I love these girls!!!
SUCH a fun evening!  One of our BFFs was in town from Reno and it was SO MUCH fun catching up.  Just like old fun to just pick up from where we left off.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* 3 hour nap {BLISS!}

* Pot Roast and homemade chocolate chip cookies Sunday night.


Busy week ahead:  
Our Young Women in Excellence program {can't wait to share ALL the details} + helping my mom with a Gratitude dinner that she hosts every year for her entire Relief Society.  
You can see her dinner from last year HERE.
Blessed to stay busy doing the things that I love with the ones that I love!

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  1. Love Love Love your blog! Thanks for all your amazing ideas and inspiration! I had to say YES I agree with the Tia Rosa's. I grew up in Gilbert, but now live in California. Every time we visit we have to go to Tia Rosa's. It's our absolute favorite! Wish we had one over here.:) Thanks for all your posts! You are simply adorable!!!