Monday, November 18, 2013

This Weekend:

* London and I headed to the mall Friday morning to get the essentials:
Bronzer from Bare Minerals, Clinique Toner and 
Bath and Body Works holiday scented soaps!

Oh yeah...and Santa was there.
London sat on his lap but the meanie working at the booth would not allow me to take a pic with my phone.  How rude, huh?  As if I'm going to BUY their overpriced pics! 

Souvenier Santa hat.
* We met up with a favorite friend of ours for lunch at the OG.
We ordered their salad and soup special. 
Their soup is hands down the very best.
{Chicken Gnocchi? Zupas Toscano? Yummy Yum Yum!} was even cloudy outside which made it EVEN tastier.
Clouds + Soup = the perfect combo.

* Date night with my hubby HERE:

It was our first time trying it out {LOVE trying new places!} and we LOVED it!!
Their skillet cornbread they bring to everyone before their meal?

Meanwhile, we got the giggles looking at this guy seated just across from us.

Joe dared me to take an indiscreet pic for my blog and YOU KNOW I hate passing up a good dare.

We shopped at some of our favorite spots after dinner {Marshalls, anyone?} and finished the night off with a 2 scoop Baskin and Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream hot fudge sundae.

Once back home we plopped ourselves on the couch and watched Modern Family {HiLaRe!}
and Dateline.  {So glad that Dr. from Utah got proven guilty!}

* Saturday basketball game for Grant.

Another 2 baskets scored AND the game day medal.
{Can you tell I'm just a bit of a proud momma?!}

* Folded laundry Saturday afternoon while watching

Can we just pause for moment so I can tell you how much I DESPISE this show?!?
Those people ARE RIDICULOUS!
I was seriously sick to my stomach watching it all.
They're not only CHEAP but they TAKE ADVANTAGE of others just to get free stuff.
I am not ok with that.

* Saturday afternoon London and I went shopping with one of my cute Laurels to

She had just gotten a job there and was offering me a 40% discount - - how could I resist?
Have you seen their stuff lately? Holy Moly.  Darling stuff EVERYWHERE!

We decided to try out a new place for dinner afterwards - - and it did not disappoint.

Geno's - local peeps - it's on Val Vista and Williamsfield.
If you like DELISH Philly Cheesesteaks - - TRY IT!
I will definitely be bringing Joe back with me next time!

* Saturday night the boys headed to the ASU game {Go Devils!}and while London snoozed, I baked Pumpkin Bread for THIS lesson handout and answered bloggy blog emails.

{I have SO many sweet, kind readers.  THANK YOU for your kind words all the time.  Every once in awhile I will get a nice juicy RUDE comment - but 99.9% of the time, the feedback I get is so kind and I THANK YOU for your encouraging words!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Fireside Sunday night.
Our stake, along with 25 other stakes are preparing for the big Multi-cultural celebration for the opening of the new Gilbert Temple.

We are beyond excited to be apart of this!

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  1. yeah how fun!!!!!!!
    I get so excited when bath and body works bring out their Christmas scents!!
    sounds like a super fun weekend.. mine seem sooo boring in comparison LOL


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