Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Weekend:

* I cleaned out all of our closets.
Switched out all of the shorts and short sleeved shirts for long pants and long sleeves.
{It's getting a tad bit chilly here in AZ!}
It felt good to clean out and sort of purge, in an organizing sense.

I also realized that mostly ALL of London's clothes {and mine!} involve stripes or polka dots.

* Friday night I went with one of my very favorite friends to a Thirty One bag party.

We got to hang out with Grant and Carson's school teachers and it was tons o' fun!
I bought the most adorable polka dot {of course!} bag and I am seriously in love with it.

Afterwards we got some {early} Christmas shopping done and ate dinner HERE.
{I could easily pound a half a dozen of their garlic cheese knots ANY day.}

* Saturday morning we actually got to SLEEP IN! 

* Grant had another basketball game.
{3 more baskets added to his scorecard!}

It was quite the nailbiter of a game.
They lost by one point in literally the last second of the game.

I was a nervous wreck.
If my kids ever end up playing highschool sports I don't know WHAT I will do.. 
watching your child play sports can be SO nerve racking!!!

Look at that sweet red face.
Kids plus Grandma Marilyn, who came to cheer Grant on!
* Saturday night date night.
We ate HERE and LOVED it!!
Never been before but we purchased a Groupon and REALLY REALLY enjoyed it.

We'll def be back for more.
Joe was in HOG HEAVEN there too because they had the ASU game on ALL of their tv screens.
{Another nice win for the Devils!!}

We saw this movie afterwards:


I really do love me some Vince Vaughn.
And both Joe AND I enjoyed the movie.
Cute story.

* Meetings and Churchey-church on Sunday.

* We busted out our Christmas tree Sunday afternoon.

My husband really knows how to 'put his back into it', right?

I know what some of you are thinking.

Well it takes me a good WEEK to get my whole house decorated just the way I want it.
The earlier I start the better.

And I've made a pledge to myself this year to have it ALL done by Thanksgiving Day so that I can relax that weekend and enjoy it with my family.

* We also surprsied our kiddos with this:

We are HUGE fans of doing the Polar Express up north.
Joe and I honestly enjoy it just as much as our kids do.
So fun!!


This week I'm looking forward to:
Thanksgiving, of course! It's one of my very favorite holidays
Taking London to see the Nutcracker - our very first time ever!

The holidays are HERE and I could not be more thrilled!!!


  1. Doesn't it feel so good to clean out closets!!!! WOOHOO

  2. oh I love cleaning my closets, I realised my closet it all stripes and animal print.. LOL
    I love bags.. I adore grace Adele ( they are part of scentsy), I may or many not own 5 of them LOL!
    oh and yumm to that lovely food!
    I cant wait you see your house decorated for Christmas, don't forget to blog out some pics xoxo


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