Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blessing Bags and more.

This past week at mutual our girls did a few FUN things that I thought were worth sharing.

Our Laurels got together and made BLESSING BAGS.
I've seen this idea floating around the interent lately and have LOVED the concept.

The main idea is to make up bags that can be kept in your car, to hand out to the homeless or less fortunate.  So many times we get asked for MONEY on the sides of the street as we are driving places, and if you are like almost NEVER carry cash. 

What's great about these bags, are that they contain USEFUL items for someone who might not have much.  And they are SUPER simple to whip up.

Here's what we included in ours:

We placed all of the above items in a gallon Ziplock freezer bag. 
{I also had the girls write their testimonies of our church
 on the inside cover of their Book of Mormons.}

I had the girls decorate a piece of paper to go in the front of their bags.
I went online prior to the activity and printed out QUOTES of ENCOURAGEMENT and had them include one of those on the front page as well.

My girls are so stinkin' cute.

I had purchased enough items for each girl to make ONE bag to keep in their car
 {OR their family car}.

Had I have PRE-THOUGHT this's what I WOULD have done:
*A few weeks prior to this activity, I WOULD'VE asked ward members for donations of these things.  That way we wouldn't have had to use our budget money.

But whatever.
It was all for a good cause!

For the second half of our activity that night, we made....

I wanted to teach the girls how to make a QUICK and EASY treat for the holidays.
Something they could throw in a jar, tie a ribbon around and give to their friends & teachers this Christams season.

We used THIS recipe and they were delish.
{Tip: Use more powdered sugar than is called for.}

While we were doing OUR thing....
here's what our cute Beehives and Mia Maids were making...

Aren't those the CUTEST?
They're literally just made out of PAVER STONES.
And guess what was so awewsome about these?
When my advisor went to Home Depot to purchase these, she told them that they were for a church group and they DONATED them for FREE!

Literally all you do is - 
Paint the paver white.
Add Black paint for the face and an orange foam cut carrot for the nose.

They used pom poms and pipe cleaner for the ear muffs and scraps of fabric and fleece for the scarves.

How DaRLiNg, huh?!


  1. We did the blessing bags as a family service project (and gave them to the sisters I VT to hand out) and they were awesome. Randomly handed them out to some very thankful people.

  2. Danelle Murray WeaverJanuary 28, 2015 at 9:06 AM

    I love this! We will definitely be doing this soon!

  3. Would you mind sharing your list of encouraging quotes? Thanks! My email is


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