Thursday, December 26, 2013

Coombs Christmas Eve.

Anyone else feel like they've been run over by a truck today?
And please tell me that my house is not the only house that looks like a bomb exploded in it.
Day after Christmas = No. Energy.
Good thing it was all worth it!

Our Coombs family Christmas Eve went down like this:

The annual tradition of making Gingerbread Houses.
{We made em with friends this about a sugar rush!}

I've learned to 'let go' when it comes to decorating these and just let the kids HAVE AT IT!
{So what if it ends up looking like 
Willy Wonka's worst nightmare, right?}

We went over to my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner.
We had our annual re-enactment of Luke 2, read by my dad and acted out by my rambunctious kids.

My 16 year old nephew was less than thrilled to play the part of Joseph.

My mom busted out the ole accordion and the kids were mesmorized.
{She's quite the player, that mom of mine!}

We played a very intense game of Old Maid.
{A Lamoreaux family favorite!}

And then we headed home and ended the evening by:
Preparing cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer,
Leaving Santa's magic key outside by our front door so he could come in...
{there's no such thing as chimneys in most of AZ}

Tucking the kidlets into bed to dream of sweet sugarplums,
and last but not least.....
 Joe and I watching our traditional "A Christmas Story" while making sure everything for morningtime was just. perfect!

{Everytime I watch that movie, I hear a new line that makes me laugh.  And I've seen that movie probably close to 500 times in my lifetime.}

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  1. Wonderful! I'm going to copy your gingerbread house tradition next year. Also, how did I not know your mother plays the accordion?! That's awesome!


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