Friday, December 27, 2013

Coombs Family Christmas Day.

Our Christmas morning began at 6:30 AM when the kids came pouncing into our room.
Per tradition, no one is allowed downstairs to see what Santa brought, until everyone is UP and does it TOGETHER. 

Santa, indeed did come!
Favorites included: the Xbox 360, NFL jerseys, a doll house, baby buggy and the highly anticipated.....
Robot WITH a mustache.

The kids were pleased as punch as was Joe and I.
{Nothing better than seeing your kids giddy with excitement!}

The Lam fam all came over for Christmas breakfast at our house and we got to skype with my cute nephew all the way from his LDS mission in Barcelona, Spain.

So. Fun!
We are SO proud of all he is accomplishing over there.

The kids tinkered around with all of their presents for the rest of the day 
{I napped, of course. What is it about Christmas that completely WEARS YOU OUT?!} 
and then we headed over to my parents house for Christmas dinner!

The kids played games...

.....and football on the golf course....

While Joe fried up a turkey, and my mom baked a ham.

 YUMMY to say the least.
We all ate until we were stuffed to the brim.
{What ELSE do you expect on Christmas?!}

We had our annual cousins gift exchange and adult gift card game....

...and Grandma played a super fun CANDY BAR game with the grandkids.

Following the festiviites, we all headed off to the movies to see:

Joe and I LOVED it.
My mom and sister did not.
My other sister, her husband and my brother LOVED it.
{My dad opted to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet}.

It's definitely 'different'. But I thought it had a super cute message and was quite entertaining.
{Plus....I love Kristin Wiig.}

The evening was topped off with pie and we called it a night.

I slept until 10:05 AM the next morning......
a definite sign of a GREAT CHRISTMAS indeed!


  1. Can you explain the adult gift card game? It sounds fun!

    1. Of course! We all buy a $25 gift card - - to either a favorite restaurant of ours, the movies, etc. and then we get in a circle and my mom reads one of those 'left right left' stories where you pass the gifts around. Then…once the story is over…the gift you end up with is the gift you open. Then…it can be stolen up to 2x by someone else as we go around the circle and open the gifts. Hope that makes sense :) xoxo


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