Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 12 - 12 Days of Christmas.

Here's the deal.
My sister is 6th grade teacher.
Has been for years.

I know for a FACT that the thing teachers want MOST at Christmas time is gift cards.

Let's be honest...
They can do without all the other stuff.

THEY want to be able to eat out at their favorite restaurants, go to the movies, and be treated to something that they LOVE doing over the holidays.

My sister has a whole closet full of use-less gifts just taking up space.
{I'm just keepin it real here folks!}

On Day 12 of our 12 Days of Christmas we gave:


  1. I got GC too for my teachers this year! I know I woul want those LOL!

  2. I agree teachers love giftcards. But those of us that live on school district salaries can't spend that kind of money $75 on teacher presents, yikes! I agree some gifts are useless for sure, but something is better than nothing.

    1. I agree! Something is definitely better than nothing. However, one of my very favorite presents from a friend at church once was a simple $5 gift card to Sonic - they have my favorite drinks there! All gift cards don't have to cost $25. I should've clarified :)

    2. Yes, now a $5.00 giftcard is more doable. And we have done that before! And I know that is very much appreciated. My husband used to be a Jr. High teacher, so we know the hard work and dedication that goes into those jobs. They do amazing things for our kids, and always wish I could spoil them with lots of things. I hope you know I wasn't getting after you for the price of your giftcards, I just know there's a lot of folks like us that wish we could spend that but can't. I really do enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your fun things. My husband either knows your husband or his brother, aren't they twins?

  3. I wish i was your kids teacher! Such cutie ideas.


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