Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fun Finds Friday {posted on Saturday.}

It has been COLD here in sunny AZ this week. 
So cold that we've had to go out and actually BUY coats, hats and gloves.
{Side Note: I should admit that 'SO COLD' to US is...
in the 40s and 50s.}

Cute pink coat, right?
Scored this one plus a red one and black one for my kidlets.
All at Wal-mart for only $17.

And how could we resist this cute snowman hat?
I mean REALLY!
We found it at.....Hobby Lobby!  For 50% off!

Also at Hobby Lobby?

These cute snowflake placecard holders.

{Side note: I firmly believe that Hobby Lobby has the VERY BEST wrapping paper ever and the VERY BEST tissue paper ever.}

I found a new Chex Mix Muddy Buddy mix that I can't live without.
{WHY must they keep doing this to me?!}

Snickerdoodle flavor!
Found at Target.

Last week when we were at the Polar Express {still need to do a blog post JUST on that!}
they had these absolutely BRILLIANT mugs for sale in their darling little gift shop.

They are mugs for  milk AND cookies.

That's right...that little rectangle part is where you put Santa's cookies and then you fill the TOP part with milk!  Sighhhhhh.  I didn't pick one of these up and have been wishing I would've done so ever since we left.  They're $14.99 a mug, so kind of pricey, but it's something you'd have FOREVER in your family!  Too cute, right?

And my last find is not so much a FUN find, but more of a...
WHAT the WHAT?!? find.....

 I love you.  I really do.
And I usually LOVE EVERYTHING in your store.
But these Disney themed spandex leggings in your womens clothing department had me thinking....

For reals.  
Who BUYS these?!?!

I'm a HUGE Disney fan myself, but these spandex???
NOooooooo....thank you!
{Might make a funny white elephant gift 
for someone this year though!}


  1. WHAT THE *(^*(^*&^ are those LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's the funniest thing, in the womens department.. really LOL!!! I cant stop laughing LOL!!!!!

    Oh I loved those mugs, they are darling, and yes pricy LOL! I will be your conscience LOL!

    I love her little coat.. she would have needed it today MINUS 50.. yes, MINUS LOL xoxoxo

    1. Oh Heidi....please tell me you stay locked inside your house all day everyday when it is THAT cold??? I remember going to college in Idaho and it got SO COLD there that when you'd walk outside, your nose snot would freeze. And that was around 0 degrees so I can't IMAGINE what 50- is like! Do your cars even run in that kind of weather? Lol.

  2. Uuhh, please tell me that people AREN'T buying those pant things. Around here, it's suppose to warm up to the upper 40's. I'm so looking forward to that. It was 17 where I live. If its this cold, we should have snow.

  3. I kept checking back yesterday to see if you would still do "friday finds" - they are my favorite! Those snow flakes are cute!

  4. They have similar mugs at Color ME Mine. So cute!!! But those pants wth???

  5. I actually saw someone wearing the Ariel ones at Disneyland. Which is probably the only place you get away with wearing them. Of course, there was a grown woman walking around in a full-body Stitch costume romper thing. No one batted an eye. Gotta love Disneyland!

    1. Agreed….ONLY place you could get away with it is at Disneyland. Dland is hands down the very best people watching place EVER! :) xoxo


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